Monday, September 03, 2007

Owen's first visitors

Owen has had some very special visitors his first week home. Below are some pictures of who came to see him.
Aunt Kimmie and Brookie-Baby. Brooklyn showed very little interest in Owen, but I do think there might have been a bit of jealousy going on when Mommy held the baby. Brooklyn doesn't like to play with dolls. In fact, she throws them. But she LOVES to play with her cars!
Aunt Kimmie getting ready to say good-bye
Grandpa Rademacher enjoyed snuggling with Owen. Of course Grandpa loves to spend time with all of his grandkids - especially when they let him give kisses.
Proud Papa

Now that everybody has left, you're stuck with us buddy!
Grandpa Glupker enjoyed some snuggling time. Owen is a great snuggler!I think the Glupkers had a hard time leaving their first grandbaby in Kentucky while they went back to Michigan.
Three generations of Glupker men
The grandpas - Ben kept teasing my dad about how buff he is.
A week ago yesterday Ben's parents came down for a visit. They were only planning to stay a few days and certainly weren't expecting to meet their grandbaby while they were here. On Monday morning I went to the doctor's office for my prenatal visit. It was then that my doctor told me I had to go straight to the hospital and deliver the baby. At first I felt bad because I thought, "Ben's parents are in town. Who is going to keep them company while I am in the hospital?" Of course thinking about it now, I am sure they were happy to be here and be the first ones to meet Owen. It was wonderful having them here and sharing with them the joy of Owen's birth. They were such a blessing as they filled our refridgerator with groceries, made meals, did laundry, ran errands, and helped with Owen. Ben's mom was a neo-natal nurse for many years so it was comforting to have her here those first few days. They left Friday night when my sister, Brooklyn, and Dad arrived. They too were a blessing. Kim organized all of the clothes (and brought with her a ton of hand-me-downs), cleaned my house, made meals, did laundry, got groceries, and let me sleep. Of course whenever the Rademachers get together we play a lot of euchre and spend a lot of time joking and laughing. They left this morning.
Our family has been so good to us! We miss them already. We hope they come visit as much as possible. We're hoping to see Aunt Sarah in the next couple of weeks and anyone else who can make the trip.


Jenny LaBo said...

Kelly you look wonderful! Also it looks like baby Owen is smiling in the picture with you and Ben. Isn't it wonderful how God planned everything. I am so happy for y'all.

Kelly Glupker said...

Thanks, Jenny. Yes, it is wonderful!! I always said I wanted to be married about 4 years before I had children. It wasn't until I heard I had fertility problems that I thought, "I want a baby now!" But God knew - and gave us a baby in His time, which just so happened to also be what I originally had hoped for.

Alicia said...

Little Owen is so small and precious! What perfect timing for Ben's folks to be around when the Lord brought Owen into the world. I bet they were just thrilled!

How are you doing? Are you getting your rest? Enjoy these newborn weeks, they go by quickly! (though it never felt that way for me until way after the fact)

Shannon Smith said...

What a blessing that you had family around to help you out with Owen. The Lord works everything out in His timing!

Owen is very cute, and so tiny. You and Ben both look very happy!!

ben said...

Congratulations, you guys! Owen looks amazing. How cool to have a son! Ben and Sarah Layer

Kara said...

Kelly, you look wonderful, I knew you would bounce back with flying colors! How has your vision been lately?

Kelly Glupker said...

Hi Ben! I didn't know you blogged. Thanks for the congrats. I'll pass it on to my Ben.

My vision is still screwed up. I go to the doctor tomorrow so we will see what he suggests. I'm afraid I might have to go back to glasses. :(

partyofsix said...

that is so wonderful that your inlaws got to be there and that all your family helped out so much. sounds so wonderful.