Friday, November 02, 2007

Mr. Marlboro

I hate to break it to you, but if you're a smoker, you stink. I am not trying to offend anyone (as my opinions often do), but it's true. Smokers just smell bad. I don't care what you spray on your clothes or what mint you pop in your mouth. You just can't cover up the smell of smoke.
Around 5:30 tonight Ben and I were still at work. Ben had Owen with him and it was past feeding time. So I went looking around the Temple for them. I found Ben and he wasn't holding Owen. A sweet, elderly, smoker lady was hugging on the child. I am not overly protective. I don't mind others holding my baby, but Owen was really fussy because he was hungry. The kind woman got in Owen's face repeatedly saying, "What's wrong Baby?"
I answered, "He's hungry. It's about 30 minutes passed his feeding time. I need to go nurse him."
She then said, "That's okay. I can calm him down. See? He's crying less now than he was a few minutes ago."
I bit my tongue and thought to myself, "Hand him over, lady!" Instead of losing my cool I softly said again, "I really need to take him now or he's going to start screaming like a mad man. He's very hungry." I even held out my hands for her to hand him to me and she still didn't! She just closed her eyes, bounced him and said,
"You're okay, honey."
At this point I was mad at Ben. Not that it was his fault. But I had to be mad at somebody and it was he who gave Owen to this lady. Ben walked in and as we stood behind the woman I mouthed, "TAKE HIM NOW!"
He started talking to Owen saying, "Alright, champ. Let's go eat."
One would assume that the kidnapper would take the hint, but she didn't. Owen is still crying, the woman is still hanging on tightly and I am starting to think we have to be down right rude to get our child back. What really started to upset me was that Owen started sucking on her clothes and neck - and she of course didn't stop him because she thought it was sweet. Now this person is a major smoker. The kind of smoker that you can smell as soon as she enters the room. I was totally grossed out by the sight of my son sucking on this woman's smokey, smelly neck and clothes. When Owen wouldn't stop crying she held him out in front of her to start talking to him face to face. I didn't give her the chance. I cut right in, scooped him up and said, "We got to go" and walked out. By this time Owen is screaming and as I tried to snuggle him on the way to the bathroom all I could smell was smoke. His hair, his clothes, his skin - all smokey.
Some of you may be thinking that I am really picky. I don't care. Think what you want. But everybody loves that "new baby" smell and let me tell ya, NOBODY would think my baby smelled sweet after tonight.
By the way, did you all hear they passed a new law in California? It is now illegal to smoke in your car if you have children with you.
Needless to say, Owen will be getting another bath tonight.


Jenny LaBo said...

What is it with people who try to take over for parents? I have a friend who is a wonderful mom and there is always someone who thinks that they know everything about how she should raise HER child. Now my friend is very nice about it like you were. But YOU are Owen's mother YOU are the one to say what goes on with him. I ALWAYS defer to the mom.
Plus the whole smoking thing ugh. I am so happy that they passed that law. I remember being in a car with my childhood parents and her dad smoked I couldn't breathe it was HORRIBLE.
Poor Owen.

TwoMuths said...

ARGH. I won't even discuss the rudeness of not being able to take the hint.

I HATE SMOKING! Not only that, but I am REALLY allergic. Red, itchy eyes, almost instant headache.

Our city has a law that you can't smoke in public places, or within 25 feet of a building's entrance, or basically anywhere that people have no choice about whether they walk through the smoke. It doesn't work so well. I get SO MAD when someone is smoking right there and you have to walk through it, especially when I'm with Aaron. One of these days I'm going to work on a way to confront them without losing my testimony...right now I just walk reallyfast.

Ironically, the worst place is the dr.'s office and the hospital. Ew. Ew. EW!

Alicia said...

Wow, what a story. Isn't it crazy how oblivious some people can be to a baby's needs?

I'm with you on the smoking. Since becoming a mom though I find that I'm way more bothered by people smoking than I was before. I'm just so protective of Chloe and her health and I don't want to expose her. I've heard even second-hand smoke can cause asthma in kids.

We have a restaurant no smoking law now in Ohio which rocks! No smoking inside any restaurant now. Yipee!

Kelly Glupker said...

You can't smoke in any restaurants here in Louisville either. In fact, I can't think of any public place where you can smoke. The hospitals just passed a law making it illegal to smoke ANYWHERE on the property - not even outside. Obviously in other parts of Kentucky, this is not the case. Kentucky is known for unhealthy babies due to mothers who smoke and drink during pregnancy. Yesterday I saw a bumper sticker that read, "At least I can still smoke in my car!" which of course is fine with me since it doesn't violate my right to have a healthy environment.

Shyla said...

what a gross, gross experience!! it is irritating when you are trying to get through to the elderly regarding the needs of your child! You'll have to check out my blog later today about my experience with an elderly at the grocery store yesterday!
hey, look on the bright side (LOL) she could've thought Owen was stressed out and lit one up for him!! LOL GROSS!!!!

Heather said...

I delt with a smokey lady just on Thursday. SHE STANK!!! I guess they just get so used to it and don't smell it anymore.

Illinois just passed a law in regards to smoking too. I think after the 1st of the year you can no longer smoke on any property. You have to be 25 feet (or something like that) away from the entrance of any building. It will be nice to be in resturants without the smell that is for sure!

Hopefully little Owen was smelling much better after his bath!!

WILD GHESE said...

She must be really needy. That's sad. I'd like to introduce her to my Grandpa who is slowly suffocating, due to smoking. It's no way to go. Yet, if given the opportunity, he would smoke again. Unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

People who smoke do stink, but so do people who constantly pick apart others.

Kelly Glupker said...

Are you "picking" on me? The beauty of having your OWN blog is that you have your OWN platform to share your OWN opinions. You may not share my feelings, and that's okay. Let me clarify a few things. I do like dogs. I just don't think they are more important than people and I don't want a dog in my house. My mom was a smoker (she died of cancer) and so do some of my other friends and family members. I am not criticizing one's character, I am stating what everybody (even yourself) think - smokers smell. Since you're bold enough to share YOUR opinions, please also be bold enough to leave your name with them.

Jenny LaBo said...

Kelly I agree. Anonymous seriously start leaving your name. It's okay to have a different opinion but to be afraid of leaving your name with your opinion it kind of lame. You may not agree with everything that Kelly says that is fine. But at least she has the guts to put her face and name behind it. Think about it.

Jenny LaBo said...

Oh and I think the last thing Kelly is doing is picking someone apart. In no way did she insult the lady she just spoke about her ACTIONS not the lady.

Laurie said...

I hate the smell of smokers too, and I'm not sure I would have handled the situation as well as you did. The thought of a bad smoker holding my baby or any baby for that matter just irritates me. Jacob's mom smokes and although she may not smoke around the kids, their house stinks! Ironically, Jacob is allergic to smoke, I wonder why. The sad thing is, she doesn't see it.

Tclaytor said...

I had a similar encounter with a friend of the family. She had just finished smoking a cigarette and someone gave her my baby! I think I did my best to not look horrified when I walked up, but I tell you I have no idea what I said to get her back but I grabbed her. It helped that Katelyn was old enough to lunge for me!

Mark and Anne Brumbaugh said...

I couldn't agree with you more!! I hate smoke...and it is so hard for me to "bite my tongue" when they come around Titus or me. It makes me gag...and I feel like I immediately lose some functioning of my lungs...probably only a figment of my imagination...but still I hate the feeling!