Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Back From Florida, Back to Reality

We're baaaack! We arrived home yesterday morning at 7:30 after traveling through the night. This was not our plan, but there wasn't a hotel between Chattanooga and north of Nashville that had a room to rent. Thankfully, Owen slept all night in the car and still took two naps on Sunday so I could get some rest too. One nap was 5 hours long (yes, five) and the other nap was 2 hours long. What a good boy!
We had a great vacation! We all had to go back to work today. I hope to post more pictures of our trip tomorrow while I do the mountain of laundry we brought back with us.


Kara said...

Welcome back! Those new pictures along the side are really good, I can't wait to see more!

chris k said...

Hi Kelly...We had a rough ride home, too. Orlando was nice though. It looks like you enjoyed the pool and the weather. We came back to weather in the 30's...what a reality check!

Alicia said...

I bet you had a fabulous trip! I can tell from the huge smiles in your pictures that you all enjoyed the sunshine and family time!