Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cleaning His Plate, Sort of

Teaching Owen not to throw his food on the floor has been an ongoing process. He has improved greatly due to consistent discipline. But he still just can't stand to have his food on his tray if he doesn't want to eat it. So, he has resorted to stuffing his unwanted food into the crack/handle at the top of his tray. He can really stuff that area with several bites worth. I don't mind. I have to wash the tray anyway and it's better than having it on the floor. Here are some pictures of him in the act:


Alicia said...

Ingenious, Owen!

Pam said...

You are a smart boy Owen!!

Too funny :)

Kim said...

Too funny O-bug! Finding the loopholes takes a smart boy to know how to get his way and not get the spanking. I am very impressed!

mj said...

How dare your 3 complement Owen on this? You should be ashamed. He won't get away with this when he comes to my house. He'll clean his plate the right way. LOL.

Gina said...

How funny!

So I'm did you get him to stop throwing his food on the floor? I'd love to have less mess to clean up every day!

Sarah Glupker said...

Boy, does he look like Ben in that first picture!! Must be the look of guilt. hahaha

You da' man, O-boe!!


Aunt Sarah