Sunday, October 19, 2008

Enjoying the Outdoors

Chillaxin' on a Saturday afternoon
"Did they leave me here all by myself?"
"Oh, there you are!" This is one of Owen's favorite faces. While making this face he also yells, "Raarrr." He learned this from his daddy as they play monsters together.

Apparently Owen doesn't want to sit in the leaves.
"Okay, I'll quit screaming, but I won't smile."
"What? I'm serious, I am not going to smile!"
"RAAAAARRRR! This the closest thing to a smile you're gonna get today, Mama."


mj said...

Who was watching him sit on that bench? He could of fallen and hurt himself! But he is so big now, he doesn't need your help. No luck on the leaves, can't wait to see him at Christmas in the snow!

Diana Oedy said...

Hmmm, wonder who took that last picture??? Too bad you didn't have a friend along on your long walk. . .oh wait?!?!?

Abby Sokul Turner said...

I love the pictures of him on the bench! Such a big boy! Eli has a similar face too - he sees the camera, and that face comes out! Fun times, definitely!

Kelly Glupker said...

Your comment made me laugh! Sorry I didn't give credit where cedit is due. :) I wanted to post a picture of the kids together but one kid wouldn't sit still long enough!

This is a fun stage. Boys are great, aren't they?

You would be surprised. He is doing more and more things by himself now.

Kara said...

Those are really nice pictures! I wish we had a tree with some leaves... we have to jump in the neighbor's leaves along the curb, they're probably not too happy about that.