Monday, March 23, 2009

More Florida Pictures

I don't remember this picture even being taken.

We ate outdoors at a restaurant on the resort. My brother and his girlfriend surprised us by showing up a day early while we were here eating. Owen had the flu and puked a few times during dinner so it worked out well that we ate outside!

Most of our group (minus me, Owen, Korey, and Sharon). The woman on the very end is Amber, my sister's mother-in-law, and to her left (your right) is Charlie, my sister's father-in-law. We love Charlie and Amber and are so thankful that they include us in their family vacation plans! We already have next year's trip on the calendar.

Owen and Daddy at the pool. My son was quite possibly the whitest boy around.


Gina said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! All of your pictures make me even more excited for our cruise. We leave in 10 days!

Kelly Glupker said...

CRUISE!?!? How fun! Are you taking the kids? And by the way, I'm hoping you DO get pregnant again! ;)