Monday, May 04, 2009

Spring Celebration

Southern Seminary has a great program for women that Mrs. Mary Mohler, wife of Dr. Albert Mohler, founded several years ago called the Seminary Wives Institute (SWI). Several classes are offered each semester that are designed specifically for the wife of a man in ministry. Each class is worth so many credits (much like regular college courses) and these credits can be transferred to other schools and are accepted by mission boards for those training for ministry. The classes are very inexpensive and are taught by either the faculty of the seminary or their wives. I have completed four courses so far and have loved it! Unfortunately I will not be able to complete the program before Ben is finished with seminary. This semester I took "The Ministry of Hospitality" with Mrs. Mohler. One of the final projects for the class was to organize the annual Spring Celebration. Only women who take part in SWI can attend this event and about 200 women do. I was part of the decorating committee. This year it was decided that it would be "fun" to decorate each of the 20 tables with a different theme. Well, that's only "fun" if you're NOT on the decorating committee because that multiplied our work by 20 times and there were only a few of us on the entire committee! We had to have 20 different sets of plates, 20 different center pieces, etc! Let's just say that as much as I loved the class and as much as I enjoyed Spring Celebration, I am so glad it's over! (And I can admit now that it was kinda fun). Here are a few pictures I took of some of the different tables:

Okay, I don't really know what the theme is here. How about, "Plain and simple, we were out of ideas"?

Theme: Kids
Theme: Hearts
Theme: Tea Time
Theme: Plaid
Theme: Movies/Films
Theme: Stars
Theme: Sports (You probably can't tell, but those are golf balls on the bottom of the chargers)
Theme: Sewing
Theme: Books/Study
The Decorating Committee - three of us did the actual decorating
(I should definitely be standing in the back, this picture is awful!)
Heritage Hall at Southern Seminary


Alicia said...

Oh my word, that looks like SO MUCH WORK! My fave is the golf table I think. Did the people eating at the table get to take home the centerpiece stuff?

And you look GREAT in that picture . . . you are a radiant healthy preggo!

Kelly Glupker said...

Thanks, Alicia. You are always so kind.
Many of the decorations we used were borrowed, so no, people didn't get to take home any of the centerpieces. Of course the fresh flowers were probably taken. I was there the entire day so I did not stay to tear down. I had a little boy who needed to be in bed and it was 10 before I got home.

Travis,Stephanie, Olivia & Alex said...

Looks nice kelly :)

Kelly Glupker said...

Trust me, Stephanie, I thought of you several times during this project! My thoughts went something like this, "How in the world does Stephanie decorate so well and make it look so easy?!?!?!" hahaha.

Sarah Glupker said...

Look at your creative juices flowing....and you said you had none! Somebody's fibbing and it's not me.

chris k said...

Wow, that was impressive. You all did a wonderful job! It just looks like so much work though. Thanks for the KFC coupon - Kraig will love it.

Travis,Stephanie, Olivia & Alex said...

what ever kelly :)
seriously you did great !!
you will be a pro before no time, they will be calling you for all the decorating, hee hee.