Saturday, May 09, 2009

The Zoo with Uncle Michael

Ben's brother, Michael is here visiting. Owen is lovin' the extra attention! Normally Owen likes a good half hour or more of alone time in his crib after waking up in the morning. If you go in before he calls you he won't get out of bed willingly. But while Michael's been in town Owen wants up immediately. Instead of hearing "Mama" I've been hearing "I want down!"
Michael, Owen and I went to the zoo today while Ben worked.

Checking out the monkeys
Petting area. Uncle Michael did get Owen to touch the goat but that was about it.

Checking out the giraffes, or "drafts" as Owen calls them. I am not quite sure why but he could NOT get enough of the giraffes!

Michael and I eventually went and sat down while Owen continued to admire the giraffes. He couldn't care less that he was in that crowd of strangers by himself.

Uncle Michael pointing out the eagles.

This gorilla was sitting right in front of the glass so everybody thought it would be a great spot for a family picture. The only problem: my son was in all the pictures! Once he saw the other kids posing, he ran right in and sat with them. And no, we don't have a clue who these people are.

Posing with yet another family!

"Are you my great-great-great-great grandpa?" NOPE!


Kara said...

That is too funny! He's a sociable little guy!

Kelly Glupker said...

Socialable? You're not kidding. Last night Michael and Ben took Owen with them to the store. Ben was talking to a man from our church and introduced himself. When he did, he extended his hand and shook the man's hand. Without batting an eye, Owen stepped right up to the man and extended his hand for a hearty handshake too. We have taught him to shake hands with adults, but he's never done it unprompted until last night.

Shelby said...

The pictures of Owen and the Giraffes are so cute!! I really like the one of him standing there holding his hands behind his back, very cute.

I can't wait to take Gracelyn to the Zoo this year, she really likes animals so I am sure she will get a kick out of seeing real ones.

TwoMuths said...

Kelly, he is SO CUTE! I'm excited about taking Aaron to the zoo sometime this summer!

Kim said...

I love the one of him sitting in front of the gorilla and next to the other kids... too funny! He is such a cutie!