Saturday, August 29, 2009

Job Change - a long time ago

Please excuse the numerous posts all at once. I have been an unfaithful blogger as of late and all of the sudden I have a desire to get caught up. Nesting, maybe? Alicia prompted this post, though she doesn't know it. She mentioned in a comment on this blog that she didn't know I nannied. Shame on me for not posting earlier about the ways God has provided for our family! Last fall (yes, it was that long ago) I was working at The Temple with Ben. I liked the job and I was allowed to bring Owen to work with me - which is the one major criteria I have before accepting any position. Owen was a real trooper during the three days I worked but it became apparent to us that eventually it was not going to work. In time he would no longer be taking two naps a day or be easily entertained with toys on my office floor. Ben and I began to talk about what we should do. We couldn't afford for me to quit without a backup plan and we needed the health insurance.
All of the sudden God surprised us by putting a job opportunity right in front of me. I didn't go looking for it, it found me. A friend of mine had a sister who needed someone to watch her children a few days a week. I decided to go ahead and meet this woman, Lisa, but was still hesitant about leaving the security of my job at the Temple. I was offered the job and struggled with whether or not to accept it. Ben and I decided to go ahead and pursue the opportunity. I kept praying that somehow God would really show me that this was indeed what He wanted me to do. And guess what? The same week I was planning to turn in my two weeks notice, I lost my job at the Temple. I had NEVER lost a job before but due to the economy they had to make cuts and the board decided to get rid of the part time staff. It was a wonderful feeling to know without a doubt that God was indeed moving me away from the Temple.
When Owen was 15 months old we quit working together at the Temple and instead starting nannying for a wonderful family. This have proven to be a great move for us! I love the family I work for and my "boss" and I have become great friends. I watch three children: one is in school all day, one is in school half a day and the youngest child is a boy four weeks younger than Owen. It really seems like the perfect fit for us. Owen and Will are great buddies and no longer is Owen left to entertain himself. I have the entire day to play with he and Will. I get to take them to story time at our library, go on trips to the park, pack picnics, visit the zoo and play at the mall. I seriously could not ask for a better job. God has used this family to bless me in so many ways.
I started nannying right after Thanksgiving last year. And to answer your question, Alicia, yes, they are allowing me to come back to work with our baby. God just continues to do more than I could ask or think! He knows I desire to be with my children even though we need me to work and He just continues to find ways for me to do both!


Karen said...

I, too, wondered what I had missed! What a beautiful picture of God's perfect care of His children. He never misses a beat!

Alicia said...

Wow, what a story of God's provision! He is SO GOOD in His sovereign care for His children! What a PERFECT sounding job, Kelly! I'm rejoicing with you!

The Neals said...

i, too, was wondering where your job at the temple ended up. its amazing to hear how God provides. i was just told by my employer that after the baby arrives in october, they will continue to allow me to work from home and go into the office just 8 hours a week. this has been a point of worry for me for a long time - and i'm so rejoicing that God has opened a door for me to provide for our family and still raise my children!

Wild Ghese said...

that is such an awesome blessing!