Monday, November 23, 2009

Bath Time Buddies

Bath time Buddies
Playing footsies
Check out Aubrey's rolls, I love them!
"You look like you could use a rinse."


Sarah Glupker said...

It'd be fun to compare pics of Ben and I at this age...I know we have 'tub pictures' from way back. I just don't know about entering the 'photo drawer' to confiscate any of them in order to compare! One could get lost.....
Fun pictures! Still the cutest kiddos around. Hope you guys SPLASHED lots and lots (and got mom all wet! ha!).

Aunt Sarah

Kara said...

Adorable! Anna really never had rolls, but Abby sure did. Remember putting her in the boppy seat at Armstrong's after you opened it?

Kara said...

I mean Bumbo seat!
I think it's weird how suddenly 5 hours later I realize that I called it the wrong thing.

Diana Oedy said...

Funny, I do the same thing. It is so much easier to just give them baths together.