Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A lot has changed in 30 years

I received a birthday card today with these interesting facts:

1979 - 2009

1st Class Stamp $0.15 - $0.42
Gallon of Milk $1.61 - $3.99
Population (mil) 223.9 - 306.8
Bread (1 lb) $0.50 - $3.19
Gallon of Gas $0.86 - $2.37
Avg. Income $22,178 - $50,986

For the record, I would buy my own cow before I would pay that much for milk. And my bread is much cheaper too!


Pam said...

So this year is 30? A good year! I enjoy being in my 30's. :)
Oh and I would never pay that much for milk or bread either.

Diana Oedy said...

Until I saw your comment at the end I was going to say, I buy milk at wal-mart and it is $1.78. I pay much less for bread, it is only a dollar at Kroger, or free if you live here :) and I wish gas was $2.37 right now!

Wild Ghese said...

I'd take a stand on that cow issue for sure, you go! Interesting.