Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Out of the Mouth of Owen

I have a difficult time snapping a picture of Owen with a real smile on his face. Don't let the photo fool you, he's not always so serious. (The sweater you see in this picture was regularly $16.50 at Old Navy. I purchased it for $1.35! Wahoo!)

Here are some of the funny things my son said has said in recent days:
- We were singing Old McDonald Had a Farm. When it came time to say, "and on that farm he had some chickens" Owen screamed "YEAH!!! CHICKEN NUGGETS!"
- He pointed to his calf muscles and said, "These are my cow muscles."
- We were reading in the Bible one morning about how Naaman was sick with leprosy. Owen said, "Yeah, Naama throwed up." (Since having the flu he thinks all sick people puke)
- I overheard him one day saying to Aubrey, "Aubrey, can you say Kelly? Kellll-leee. You can do it, KELLY."
- Whenever he has a bowel movement, before he flushes the toilet he stands up, looks at his work, points his finger at it and yells, "Get out of here poop! I'm done with you!" (He did not learn this from me).
- When he gets really tired he often cries for Daddy, who is usually not home. Today he continued to say through his tears, "I want Ben! Where is Ben?!" (And NO, we do not allow him to call us by our first names).
- For a while Owen always referred to himself in the third person. He is getting much better about using pronouns. Tonight I told him I was going to vacuum. And he said, "Vac-me? You're going to vac-me?"
- The other day I told Owen he had to take a bath. With a look of surprise he said, "Why? Are we going to church"? (Believe it or not, he bathes even on the days we don't go to church)
- He regularly quotes his Bible verse for AWANA, which I just love to hear.
- A few days ago he told me, "Mama, I want to go grandpa's house. I want Mama, Daddy, Owen and Aubrey to get in the van and go to Grandpa's house." I asked, "What will we do at Grandpa's house?" He thought for a moment and said, "Eat canpakes (pancakes) and play with M (his Uncle)!"


party of eight said...

He is SO FUNNY! I am so glad you documented these. What a little Character.