Saturday, March 06, 2010

6 Months (Good Report but a bit of a scare!)

Weight: 17 pounds 6 ounces (75th percentile)

Height: 26.75 inches (85th percentile).
Aubrey is six months old already! The doctor thinks she is developmentally strong and very curious. She wouldn't leave the guy alone. She pulled down his stethoscope, almost pulled off his watch and attempted to take his wedding band. Those that have held Aubrey will tell you that she doesn't sit still! She kicks and jumps almost constantly. I'm amazed that she has so many rolls on her legs with all the exercise she gets. I told the doctor that she still won't sit up (she will for a few seconds but that doesn't really count). He tried to get her to sit and she would stiffen her legs to force herself into a standing position. He looked at me and said, "It's not that she can't sit - she just won't sit. She's too busy!" I have a feeling that I might be in trouble when she starts crawling. She rolls all over the living room and wiggles herself into all kinds of places.
She still isn't very excited about solids and rarely eats them. I asked if we could check her iron since she isn't getting formula and eats very little rice cereal. They decided to check her iron for me and after they pricked her finger they put a band-aid on it. The nurse warned me to take the band-aid off before we got in the car. I put her in her car seat and stood up. She was right at my feet as I looked up at the doctor for a moment and all of the sudden Owen starts screaming, "AUBREY! NO! MAMA! MAMA! HELP AUBREY!" I looked down to find Aubrey gagging and saw blood all over her chin, mouth, hands and neck. Then I noticed the band-aid was missing. That little stinker removed that band-aid in no time. I said, "The band-aid!" and tried to get at it. The doctor swooped down in between Owen and I and took over. He was able to remove the band-aid and immediately he looked at Owen, placed his hand on his shoulder and praised him or being such a good brother and for looking out for his sister. I really appreciated his kindness toward Owen as he told him that he was a hero.
She is pure sweetness!


Jenny LaBo said...

How scary! Good job Owen!

Karen said...

WOW, Owen! You ARE a hero! What a great report!

Wild Ghese said...

that's a heart warmer for sure. way to go Owen!

the j. crew said...

awe, good job owen!