Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Few More Florida Pictures

"Grandma and Grandpa Lange" - These are my brother-in-law's parents and yet each year they are so kind as to include my family and Korey on their annual family vacation. It's the highlight of our year!
The cousins had so much fun together
This is the face Owen makes every time he sees the camera.
Originally this was supposed to be a picture of Korey and I. Kim apparently felt left out. There is another picture below where Kim sneaked in. See if you can find her.
This picture cracks me up because it appears that all of us parents are in a daze while Sharon takes care of the kids for us. She's a great auntie.
The happy couple to be married on May 8th!
Can you believe Sharon doesn't wear make-up?!? It's really not fair.
And there's the creeper again in the background.
This picture was taken at the T-Rex restaurant in Downtown Disney.
Waiting for the parade to begin in Magic Kindom


Sarah Glupker said...

Ok,I was cracking up at the 'creeper' picture...there's Kim's head right behind everyone wiht a big grin on it! too funny. Great family shots!

Kara said...

The Creeper- awesome! She is perfectly centered and everything... she knew exactly what she was doing.
So glad you could enjoy that family time. Looks like a blast.