Monday, March 29, 2010

Owen and Brookie

When Owen was a baby I hung several pictures of family members in his bedroom. I would hold him in front of the frames, point at the individual people and tell him who they were. We also tell him lots of stories about our family. Every day, several times a day, he will say, "Tell me a story about _____ ." He loves to hear these stories.

So despite the fact that we live in another state, Owen knows his cousins and he knows them well. He adores them! He and Brooklyn have always been especially close. They are only 15 months apart and when he was a baby she loved to take care of him. She used to call him "Oh-oh." Now that they are a little older they are great friends.

Best Friends


Sarah Glupker said...

Awww... aren't they sweet? (most of the time anyways!)
Love the tiger faces. That's some great face painting.