Thursday, June 24, 2010

Out of the Mouth of Owen

* Ben said something about another child and I looked up and whispered, "Ben, remember he repeats everything." Owen spoke up, "Yeah, I repeat everything!" My point exactly.

* Owen: "I want to eat dinner outside tonight.
Ben: "It's too hot tonight, son"
Owen: "It's not two hot, Daddy. It's just one hot."

* I went to go change Aubrey's poopy diaper and Owen said, "Mommy, does Aubrey have her stink on?"

* I told Owen we had to go to the grocery store. He came up with this idea: "Mommy, you go to the grocery store aallll by yourself! And I will stay here with Aubrey. I'll keep her safe."

* Owen told his little friend, "Let me tell you a story about my Uncle M." (he loves to hear stories about his Uncle Michael so he thinks everyone else does too!)

* As we were walking toward his room to go to bed, Owen held my hand and looked up at me and said, "Mama, thank you for playing with me so much today."

* "I'm Aunt Judy's buddy, Daddy's boy, Grandpa's little man, and Grandma's doll boy." (Grandma is to blame for that name). And I said, "Well, Owen, what are you to me?" He thought for a moment and said, "I'll be your dog!"

* "King David had a son named Solomon. I am Daddy's son. Solomon went to the Temple and Daddy goes to the Temple too!!!" (Ben works at a Jewish Temple)

* Aubrey didn't do something Owen wanted so I overheard him say, "Aubrey, Ephesians 6:1 says, 'Children, obey your parents!'" I stepped into the room and asked, "Owen, who are Aubrey's parents?" He replied, "Daddy, Mommy and Owen." Oh, the tears that fell when I told him he could not be Aubrey's parent.

* Owen woke up in a crabby mood the other morning so we sent him right back to bed and told him he could not get back up until 7:33, or until he was happy. It was 7:31. At 8:00 we still hadn't heard a word out of him. A few minutes later we hear crying and he said, "The three's are all gone! When can I come out?!"

* He's pretty quick to give compliments. "Your shoes are pretty, Mommy." The other day I was wearing a skirt and he said, "Mommy, those bottoms are so pretty. Let's go show Daddy. He will like it."

* I was getting my hair done last Saturday and because of some complications it took over 3 hours. Owen played patiently the entire time. As I was leaving, another customer asked me, "Is your son really just two? He told me he was two." I said, "Yes. Why?" She said, "Well, he was looking at me so I said, 'Hello.' He then came over and shook my hand and told me his name. Then I asked, 'how are you?' And he answered me and said, 'I'm fine. And how are you?'"

* When we were finished checking out books at the library I told Owen it was time to go. He yelled, "NO!" and gave me a dirty look. I dealt with him, checked out our books, left the library and as I was buckling him into his car seat he kissed my check, wrapped his arms around my neck and said, "Mommy, I'm sorry I had such a bad attitude."

Sometimes he makes me want to laugh, sometimes he makes me want to scream but he always melts my heart.


Kara said...

"I'm fine. And how are you?" That was my favorite. Such a little man.