Friday, October 01, 2010

Healthy Again, Praise the Lord!

Last week we made a trip up to Michigan for Ben's ordination. I'll post about that after I have some pictures of the event. Shortly after we arrived Aubrey threw up. She acted totally fine so I didn't think much about it and put her to bed. This was on Thursday evening. The next day, Friday, I ran into to town with my mother-in-law. I received a phone call from Ben saying that Owen had just thrown up. Now I knew something was being passed around. And I was bummed. We had a birthday party to go to that evening (which we obviously skipped) and Ben's ordination was all day Saturday and Sunday. This was not a good time for any of us to get sick. I immediately had flashbacks to last Christmas when we were in Michigan and we all got sick. Owen threw up for 9 or 10 days! And because of our illness we were unable to see most of our family and friends over the holidays. Owen continued to throw up several times on Friday night and into Saturday morning. My son doesn't get sick often but when he does it hits him hard!

Ben woke up in the middle of the night Friday/early Saturday morning with a very upset stomach. Because the ordination council was made up of several men, some who had traveled quite a distance, rescheduling the event was not even discussed. I asked several people to pray and, to God be the glory, Ben was able to make it through the day. He said he didn't even feel sick while he was being examined and questioned - which last several hours. Thank you to those who prayed for us over the weekend and made phone calls and sent messages. I prayed that we would all be able to go to church on Sunday and we all made it. With the exception of the worst diaper I have seen in my entire life on Tuesday morning, the kids were healthy. Aubrey didn't just fill her diaper, she filled her entire footie pajamas - all the way up to her neck!

We left Michigan on Tuesday and arrived home Tuesday night. While we were gone, we got new tile floor put in our bathroom. However, we also came home to find that we didn't have a toilet. With weak stomachs this was not a good thing! Thankfully we had access to the bathroom in the apartment below us since it is currently empty. And we had our toilet put back in just over an hour after our arrival, with many apologies along with it.

That night I was hit with the stomach bug. My husband did an awesome job of taking care of me! He didn't have to be to work until 2 p.m. so he left Wednesday morning with both children so I could have the place to myself. He went grocery shopping, bought me two new shirts, took the kids to lunch and didn't bring them home until Aubrey's nap time. Aubrey went to bed and Owen went to work with Daddy. I'm so thankful for a husband who can not only take care of me, but knows how to care for his children too because, in this case, taking care of the kids was HOW he took care of me!!!

And now, we are all healthy!!! My sister's family on the other hand . . . well . . . two of my nephews, my sister and my niece all caught the bug too - all while my brother-in-law was away on a business trip. Poor Kim had vomit in both of their vehicles, on their dog, in their house and on the school bus. Hello, flu season. Whatever this nasty bug is I think it's all over the world. My friends in China are even dealing with it right now and they certainly didn't get it from us!

Every time I get sick I think of my mother. In her last several months of life she was always sick. I cannot imagine living day in and day out with a weak stomach. I am again reminded what a gift health is and how I ought not to take it for granted. We do not know what the next day may bring.

Here are some before and after pictures of our bathroom floor (which even has a toilet on it)!


Kara said...

Glad you're all feeling better!

The floor looks great. I want to do our kitchen and hallway, I think it's the original floor from 40 years ago. It's hideous.