Saturday, January 08, 2011

Our Christmas Morning

This year we agreed to not exchange Christmas presents with family so that we could all afford to make the trip to Florida instead. Grandma and Grandpa Glupker did not stick to their end of the deal. Grandma and Grandpa Lange, Uncle Jeff and Aunt Kimmie, Grandpa Rademacher and Aunt Sarah also sent down gifts for the kids. Owen was not expecting presents and was really excited to see them all piled underneath the artificial tree in our condo. Owen was pretty pumped about the Cars sandwich bags that Grandma Lange sent down.

Aubrey is such a helper.
Grandma Glupker got Aubrey her first My Little Pony. She liked using the pony's brush on her own hair.
Snuggling with Grandpa. Aubrey was saying "Grandpa" before the week's end.
Aubrey had a hard time leaving the presents alone long enough for a picture.
"Just sit still for a SECOND!"
Our Family - Christmas 2010