Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"Mommy, Poop!"

I realize the title of this post isn't music to everyone's ears, but I am excited every time Aubrey says it. About two or three months ago she began telling me every time she had to poop. She speaks up either right before she goes or as she's going. If I'm not near her she immediately finds me to tell me what she did so she can be changed. Sometimes, when we're lucky we get to the toilet in time. Such was the case this last Friday. It wasn't the first time Aubrey has done her business in the potty but for whatever reason she was especially excited. I took her picture because she was so proud of herself and decided to post it because her facial expression is so funny!

Aubrey Ann - 17 months (with out of control hair).
Checking out a job well done.
Unfortunately, the children are really sick right now so potty practice is on hold.


Alicia said...

How funny! And that really is amazing that she's pooping in the potty at such a young age. Hope she keeps it up!

TwoMuths said...

Great job!! And I know this is not the point of this post, but I just had to say I love the corner detail on your baseboard in the bathroom! ;-)