Thursday, March 03, 2011

1 1/2

1 1/2 as in YEARS! Aubrey is now 18 months old! How can that be? Here is a quick, off the top of my head, run-down of what she's up to and a few pictures tagged on at the end:
- She's very verbal and knows too many words to count. She communicates clearly and is fun to converse with.
- She knows the answer to the first catechism question, "Who made you?" Her answer: "Gah may me" that translates to "God made me."
- She knows how to introduce herself by sharing her name. She calls herself, "Aw-bee."
- She loves books and her favorites are The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss, What's Up Duck? by Tad Helm, All About Me, and Goodnight Moon. She also likes to sit on Owen's lap and let him read these to her.
- She likes to sing. Some of her favorite songs are Count Your Blessings and Jesus Loves Me.
- She climbs on top of and into everything!
- She identifies all of her body parts.
- She tells me when her diaper is dirty.
- If she happens to wake up before my make-up is on then she is right by my side the entire time trying to put make-up on herself as well.
- She loves shoes and coats and likes to help Owen put his shoes and coat on too.
- She's already learning to dress herself!
- She still doesn't like her hair done.
- She likes to clean. If there is ever a piece of clothing on the floor she will immediately put it in the hamper.
- She likes to help in the kitchen. Basically, she wants to do whatever Mama does.
- She starts out each day with a banana. A banana to her is what coffee is to most people.
- Blueberries are by far her most favorite treat.
- For quite some time now she has been feeding herself with a fork. She now sits at the table with a plate and fork and completely feeds herself. She seems way too little to be doing this!
- She is extremely independent and likes to do things her way and in her time.
- Aubrey now joins the rest of the family each night as we kneel at the couch and pray together.

Her first ponytail
Chatting with Grandpa
Playing with Brookie
Snuggling with Uncle Korey