Monday, March 14, 2011

3 1/2

My blog has been neglected the last several weeks. I haven't been on the computer much at all and have been behind my camera even less. I intend to improve in both categories!
I did a post for Aubrey when she turned 18 months old but have yet to do a post for Owen since turning 3.5 years old.
Here's a bullet point list of what our boy is up to:
- I started homeschooling him a bit and he's doing great. He loves school!
- He can count to one hundred and count by tens.
- He can write many of his letters.
- He can write his name.
- He loves to read books. His favorite book (today) is: The Tale of Peter Rabbit. Although, he reads a variety of books and his favorite changes often.
- His loves to hear oral stories, both fiction and nonfiction. He often will ask for a story about ____ (fill in the blank - any person in our family, nuclear or extended).
- He can recite the Pledge of Allegiance (although he's been doing that for about six months now)
- He loves music. Currently his favorite songs are: Victory in Jesus, Count Your Blessings, Standing on the Promises, If You're Happy and You Know It.
- He is still Daddy's Champ, Daddy's Boy, Aunt Judy's buddy, Grandpa Rademacher's Little Man and my nothing. He's a tease!
- As he matures he gains more and more of a spiritual understanding which excites his Mama. One day we were discussing how Eve tempted Adam to sin and how wrong that was. We then talked about how we should not lead others into sin but instead encourage others to do right. He immediately said, "Yeah, I won't tell Aubrey to do bad things. Instead of saying, 'let's disobey' I will say to her, 'Come on Aubrey! Let's go play!'"
- He is learning more and more from the list of catechism questions/answers. I love that he is hiding God's truth in his heart!
- He makes his bed every day and helps with the dishes and laundry. Wahoo! He also likes to help me cook.
Here are a few recent pictures:

Working at his desk. This is a special desk that I'll talk about later.