Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Florida Vacation

Floating down the lazy river, eating, napping, reading, late nights at the table playing games, golfing, swimming, skydiving, putt-putt golf, ice cream, playing outdoors, water slides, laughing, T-Rex Restaurant, carnival rides, amusement parks, Downtown Disney - these are the things vacations are made of and here are some of the pictures of ours:

Brenden and Cole love video games Aubrey took her nap outside a couple of times
My Dad relaxing by the pool
Cousins - Carson and Aubrey.
Aubrey spent hours playing in the sand.
These two are close friends

I had to post this picture because of how ridiculous it is. This was not posed. We all naturally took a really bad picture at the exact same time. Can you tell we're related? Korey is making the exact same face my Dad always makes!
This is a little better! My Dad, sister, me and my brother.
Ben and I
Believe it or not, this was posed. Nice work, Kim.

My sister-in-law, Sharon. We love her!
Yes, I'm sunburned. And yes, I look heavy. But believe it or not I've only gained a couple of pounds so far in this pregnancy.
By looking at the pictures I suppose we can conclude we all love to read.
Uncle Korey and Aubrey Ann
Playing in the pool and sun is tiring!
Owen did not get a tan. His skin does not color!
The little kids loved the splash area!

These two go back and forth between being really sweet and really bossy to one another.
Cheap entertainment!
Digging for Dinosaur Fossils at the T-Rex Restaurant
Aubrey liked the carousel.
Sharing a milkshake.
All the cousins: Cole 7, Brenden 6, Brooklyn 4, Owen 3, Carson 2, Aubrey 1.
Me & my Dad
Enjoying ice cream
One of many attempts to get a picture of Grandpa with the grandkids
Owen was brave enough to go down this HUGE water slide.
And so was Ben
Brookie, Owen, Cole and Brenden in the back