Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pictures of Our Baby

I received good news at my 20 week ultrasound today. The heart rate was at 150 (just like my other two children), the brain looks good, spinal cord is perfect, heart is functioning correctly, kidneys look good and measurements are all right on track for an August 1 due date.
I refer to the baby as "he" because I prefer "he" over "it" but, no, we did not find out the gender. Like many women I'm a planner, but I love the anticipation of not knowing. It makes labor and delivery so exciting.
Because the baby was a little snuggle bug and curled right up next to my bladder the entire time we could not get a good photo of the face. My new doctor really wants to see the face, and check out a few other things too, so we'll be doing another ultrasound in about 4-6 weeks.
I was delighted to learn today that the tear in my placenta is completely gone! Thank you, Lord! I also learned that my placenta is right in front of the muscle which explains why I am not feeling regular movement. I've been feeling the baby for quite some time but it hasn't been consistent. Once I felt my other two children in the womb for the first time, I felt them all the time. I was slightly concerned about this, but now that I have an explanation for it I'm completely comfortable with it. Apparently I only feel movement when he is kicking extra hard because the placenta is acting as a buffer to the muscle.
Ben was not able to go with me to the ultrasound today. Tonight our family gathered together to look at the ultrasound pictures. Owen enjoyed seeing the baby. It is so sweet to share this experience with him. He asked me, "Mama, when we are in church with all the other people can the baby hear us singing? Does it wake him up?"
I am pleasantly surprised by Aubrey's awareness of what is going on. She often points to my belly and says, "baby." Tonight she lifted up my shirt, kissed my belly and said excitedly, "Hi Baby!! It's Aw-bee." Times like this sure make me smile.
Here's is our baby! He/She made it very difficult to get a good picture because he kept himself in a little ball the entire time. So far, everything looks great! I actually watched him close his eyes, put his one hand over to his shoulder and raise the other to his cheek to go to sleep. So precious! What a gift!

Here's a nice shot of the baby's leg (and cute little bottom). His left hand is covering his face.
Gotta love the tiny little footprint. Owen thought this picture was pretty neat. We compared his foot to the baby's. He was satisfied that his is much bigger.
"For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb."
Psalm 139:13


TwoMuths said...

WOW - so amazing. Love love LOVE watching ultrasounds. Nothing like it. Fearfully and wonderfully made!