Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dare Devil Daughter

99% of the time I have am showered and ready for the day before Aubrey gets out of bed. One morning this week I found myself in the rare 1% where she got up a little early and I slept a little late and I was not prepared for her to wake up. As I was finishing my shower Owen came in and said, "Come look at Aubrey." As I've said before, this is never a good thing. When I entered their room I found my little girl. Until Ben is done building a railing for the bunk beds we are using a baby rail for the top bunk and a barricade for the bottom bunk. Somehow Aubrey managed to climb on top of the book shelf that we are using to keep her from falling out of bed at night and was proceeding to try and get on the top bunk.

I have taken Owen to the doctor ONE TIME in his entire for an illness. All other visits were simply well baby visits. I'm afraid my little dare devil daughter is going to have me in the E.R. before too long.


Kara said...

This makes up for the times you've made fun of my girls for sitting on top of the kitchen table. I just think it shows how wonderfully talented our children are.

Kelly Glupker said...

I was just thinking of that the other day when I walked into the kitchen and (again!) found Aubrey sitting on top of the table.