Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day 2011

We had the privilege of spending Father's Day weekend with Ben's family, including his grandparents, in Mackinaw City. We had a great time! I made a personalized card for Ben and included with it Owen's answers to 24 questions I asked him about his Daddy. You can read the questions and answers below.

I'm thankful for the godly men in my life who have displayed the role of "father" to me. My own Dad and Ben's Dad are wonderful examples of the love and kindness of our heavenly Father. My Dad has always been super dad. For years we gave him cards on both Mother's Day and Father's Day because he was our everything. I'm so thankful for a dedicated, loving Dad who was committed to raising his kids the right way and being their role model.

And if you've followed this blog for any length of time I hope by now it has been made clear that I am married to a man who is an incredible Daddy. He knows how to have fun with his kids while also having a close relationship with them where they respect and obey his word. He teaches them God's Word, leads them in worship, instructs them on how to treat others, sings with them, provides for them and love their mama!

Here are a couple of pictures of our Father' Day:

Daddy with his sweetie, Aubrey.
Daddy with his champ, Owen.

Owen giving Daddy his Father's Day card.

Ben's Grandpa opening his card from us.

Ben's Dad opening his card from us.

Father’s Day 2011: Questions answered by Owen
1. What makes Daddy happy? "Umm. . . that he is my champ.”
2. How does your daddy make you laugh? “When he says ‘dahboodah’”
3. What does your daddy do when you’re not around? “Go to work.”
4. What is your daddy really good at? “Climbing and jumping.”
5. What is your daddy not very good at? “He’s not good at getting on my shoulders. He’s not good at being careful.”
6. What does your daddy do for a job? “He goes to work and gets money.”
7. If your daddy were a cartoon character, who would he be? “Mowgli.”
8. How are you and your daddy the same? “We’re both boys.”
9. How are you and your daddy different? “We have different shirts.”
10. How do you know your daddy loves you? “He shares with me.”
11. How do you know Daddy loves Mommy? “He shares his books and his desk with you.”
12. What is something Daddy always says to you? "Let’s go somewhere."
13. What makes Daddy happy? “When I share my toys.”
14. What makes Daddy sad? “When I don’t share my things.”
15. What was Daddy like as a child? “He liked toys.”
16. How old is Daddy? “I don’t know. 60?”
17. How tall is Daddy? He threw his hands in the air and stretched and said, “That big!”
18. What is Daddy's favorite thing to do? "Climbing."
19. What does Daddy do when you're not around? "Go to work."
20. What is Daddy's favorite food? "Cereal."
21. What makes you proud of Daddy? "When he rolls backwards."
22. If Daddy were in one of your books, what character would he be? “George.”
23. What do you and daddy do together? "We wrestle."

24. Where is Daddy's favorite place to go? "Work."

Owen's great-grandparents reading his answers.