Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's Time to Swim!

We are so glad it's finally warm enough to go swimming! Owen started jumping off the diving board when he was two but I wasn't sure how comfortable he'd be in the water after so many months of being out of it. However, he had no fear and picked up right where he left off. He started jumping off the diving board right away and had no problem swimming in the deep end. Yesterday Owen forgot that he wasn't wearing his swim vest and he jumped into the pool without it. I was standing nearby and gave him a hand but he was able to swim to my hand all by himself! We've been slowly removing foam sheets from his vest requiring him to swim with more and more independence. The vest does not keep him above water. He has to kick his arms and legs to stay afloat. This has really helped him learn the basics of swimming and why, I think, he was able to swim to me yesterday. I have a feeling he'll be swimming completely on his own before summer is over.

Owen skips nap time and swims all day long when we go to the pool.

Thanks to her tube suit, Aubrey can move herself all around the pool without any help. This makes pool time much more relaxing for Mommy! She has figured out how to maneuver herself around and keep her face above water. Pool days are so much more fun with kids who love the water!