Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First Day

Monday, September 12 was a big day in our family! Ben started his first day as pastor of our new church and Owen started preschool!
Owen was very excited to start school. A friend of mine told me that she put together a special pencil box for her daughter's first day of home school. So the night before we started homeschooling I went to the store to find a pencil box (not an easy thing to do this late into the school year, by the way). I'm so glad I found one because Monday morning Owen was delighted to see a bright orange box with his name on it. Inside was a brand new box of crayons, new scissors from Aunt Sarah, a new eraser, two new pencils and a glue stick. After handling each of the items Owen (without any prompting from me) bowed his hand and thanked God for his school box. Driving to three different stores at 10:00 at night to purchase the last box on the shelf now seemed totally worth it!

Aubrey joined in on the excitement even though she didn't know what the rest of us were so excited about. Excuse the jammies and undies, I wasn't expecting to get a picture of her.

We had to get a picture of Owen with his teacher!

Since we started homeschooling I keep thinking about Luke 6:40. I feel the weight of responsibility, to be sure.

"A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher."

Here they are, my two boys on their first day. Owen's first day of formal education. Ben's first day as pastor of a church, shepherding the people God has entrusted him with. I am excited for my guys as they begin their journey. I trust and pray they will both be faithful to the task which God has called them to.