Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Celebrations

I think we're ready for Christmas. We've kept some of our traditions and made some new ones. This Christmas season:

- We visited Bronners (the largest Christmas store in the world) and let the kids pick out an ornament. Owen picked out an ornament of a lion and had "Simba-Son" written on it. This is what he likes Ben to call him since reading and watching The Lion King. Aubrey picked out a pig because of her love for Wilbur in Charlotte's Web. And Daddy picked out a pink mitten with Evelyn's name on it for her.
- Last week Ben put the kids in their pajamas while I popped popcorn and made chocolate milk. Then we loaded up in the van to look at Christmas lights while we snacked. We also watched a light show. It was awesome!
- We went to The Jesus Walk. This is an outdoor event a church puts on. The walk began with the Old Testament prophecy of the birth of Jesus and concluded with the shepherds and wise men coming to worship the newborn king. The kids especially enjoyed the live nativity.
- We are singing many Christmas songs.
- We are discussing Creation to Christ in our Advent celebrations.
- We've colored Advent pictures.
- We've watched the movie, The Nativity Story. While this is not a kid's movie, my kids love it!
- We've played with our plastic nativity set.
- We've put together boxes for Operation Christmas Child.
- We've purchased and wrapped all of our Christmas presents.

I pray that all of these things will not only be sweet memories for my little ones but also point them to Christ. During this season we become so consumed with buying gifts and making Christmas lists that it becomes all too easy to lose our focus. Jesus is what we are celebrating. HE is our hero. There is no other. It's not about what you want for Christmas. It's not about whether you're naughty or nice. It's about the birth of a Savior. I pray God will help us to keep that as the focus of our home and in all that we do to celebrate.


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