Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Great Wolf Lodge

A couple of months ago Ben's cousin shared a deal that the Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City was running. We decided that a night away at an indoor water park would be a fun getaway for our small family. We went last week and had such a great time. It was just our family for two whole days. What a wonderful treat!
Part of the hotel room was sectioned off for the kids. They loved sleeping in the Wolf Den!

They even had their own little TV in the Wolf Den.

Although they each had their own little peephole by their bunk, they thought it was great fun to climb up and peer at us over the top.
Evie Kate is ready for the pool! She did great in the water! No tears, no fussing. I am so thankful for this girl's sweet spirit. She just goes with the flow.
Pizza for dinner! It was a late dinner since we had been at the water park. Evie was already sleeping. It's not always convenient to have the entire family sleeping in the same room but I have to say - we had no trouble with it at all! Evie slept right through dinner and the older two fell asleep early while Ben and I stayed up.The water park was a lot of fun. We went down small slides and big slides. We jumped on big floating lily pads and ran through the splash pad. We floated down the lazy river and swam in the big pool.
We had a great time. Ben and I took turns watching the kids so that we could go down the big tube slides ourselves. I wasn't able to take very many pictures because with three small kids both Mama and Daddy were in the water.


Alicia said...

SO GLAD you posted this! We're going to a great wolf lodge next week while Matt's on spring break and I'm a tad nervous as to how it will go with our three little ones. Hope our experience is a good as yours was!