Monday, June 04, 2012

Dying Easter Eggs

It's no surprise to anyone reading this post that I've not been blogging regularly. My computer has been in a box ready to move for a few months. My sister left town for a few days so I just took her computer and downloaded some pictures so I could post SOMETHING. I'm way behind.
And during my absence, blogspot has changed it's settings. I have to figure out this new way of publishing posts.
These pictures are obviously a few months old but I thought I'd throw them on here anyway.
 Ben made this egg drying rack out of an old cereal box. He sure is handy.
 It's no surprise that Aubrey cracked an egg by accident. She's my accident prone girl. It's also no surprise that she took a break from coloring eggs to eat one. She's my eater too.
 We used farm fresh eggs from Grandpa's chickens.

 Aubrey dresses herself. And since I'm thinking about it, I'd like to know - WHERE do you buy underwear that fit your little girl? Aubrey has been potty trained since she turned two. That's a normal age. She's a normal size. So how come the smallest underwear I can find are so big?!
 Evelyn was happy as can be to watch us dye eggs.


Laurie said...

I buy Addie's underwear at the Children's Place. They have XXS, which I believe is like a size 3T.

Suzanne said...

My mother in law bought Charlie undies from Carters. They were size 2/3 and they fit her perfectly and she is a tiny thing.