Monday, April 30, 2007

Today is My Man's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Ben!
In honor of Ben turning 32 today, here are 32 things that I love about him:
1. He loves the Lord
2. He takes care of me
3. He gets along great with my family
4. He is wonderful with children
5. He is sensitive to the Lord's leading in his life
6. He is a good provider (works full time on top of going to school full time)
7. He loves his family
8. He is extremely intelligent
9. He is very funny!
10. He is a good employee - his boss loves him!
11. He is a good friend
12. He is good looking (can't leave that one out)
13. He is a leader
14. He is a servant, always willing to give a helping hand.
15. He likes to play games with me.
16. He's a handy-man
17. He is a lot like his Dad (whom I adore)
18. He's a great student working on a tough degree
19. His nephews and niece love him to pieces
20. His priorities are all in the right order
21. He is transparent - what you see is what you get
22. He has a lot of convictions and thoughts about marriage and child rearing
23. He puts me first
24. He is generous
25. He admits when he is wrong
26. He often suprises me with gifts and notes
27. He lives what he preaches
28. He has all kinds of answers to all my crazy questions about history and theology
29. He likes to read and educate himself on a variety of topics
30. He's a great dad (I know this already - you just have to see him with kids)
31. He's a good counselor
32. He's My Man!!!



Kara said...

Did you know it's Willie Nelson's birthday today too? I thought I'd throw that in since you like historical facts and all.
Happy Birthday Ben!

Alicia said...

Happy Birthday Ben! Our hubbies are almost the same age, Kelly. My hubby is a bit more mature though - he'll be 33 this Sept. What are you doing to celebrate Ben's special day?

Kelly Glupker said...

Thanks for that piece of trivia. Also on this day in 1813, Louisiana was admitted into the union.

We kind of started the celebration on Saturday when we went out to eat at one of Ben's favorite restaurants, Logan's Steakhouse. He also got to open one of his gifts. Last night we took a walk to Coldstone Creamery. He has to work tonight, but I will have a freshly made apple pie (his favorite) waiting for him when he gets home - along with a couple of other small gifts.

Cathy said...

Happy Birthday, Ben! Hope your birthday is as special as you are!

Kara said...

Kelly, you make Willie Nelson sound so.. trivial.
It's also isiah Thomas' B-day for all you old Piston fans!

Pam said...

Happy Birthday Ben! You and James are the same age, birthday's in the same month. :)

Don said...

Wow, I almost forgot that Ben and Luke share the same birthday! Luke is four today. I think you will need to beat Ben in a game of Scrabble to keep him humble after your 32 things!

Anonymous said...


I'm so glad SOMEBODY appreciates all of the hard work I put into your husband to get him to be the man that he is today-----younger sisters just don't get the credit that they deserve.
Actually, I was thinking that while I certainly agree with you on many things regarding Ben, I'm also very thankful that he has a wife who loves him well. Hope you enjoy a great birthday together!
And, this comment being for Kara----you just gotta love Isaiah thomas!!!!!

love ya

Phil Luter said...

What a blessing to have such comments from your wife, on you birthday or any other day. Are you sure you're not a little emotional over this pregnancy?

Ben said...

Actually, Phil, this is the most rational I've heard her in a long time - such a clear-headed thinker!

mj said...

if he is a handyman, tell him to quit calling dad with questions about the car....