Saturday, May 12, 2007

4D Ultrasound

This morning we had a 4D ultrasound done. Let me just say - it was awesome! As with most insurance companies, our insurance didn't cover a 4D sono, but . . . we have connections. Our Sunday School teacher wears many hats and has many titles. One of those titles is "Dr" as he is a retired OBGYN. When he found out we were expecting he offered to do a FREE ultrasound for us. I of course got excited because I love free stuff and what could be better than a free sneak peek of my baby?
We arrived early this morning and got all set up. On the way there I told Ben that I just had this feeling that the baby wasn't going to cooperate. I hadn't felt "him" move yet this morning and was afraid that he was comfortably positioned in such a way that would prevent us from seeing his little face. Sure enough, we arrived and got all set up only to look up at the screen and see his spinal cord. He had his back to us and would not move! He has a beautiful spine - all entact and enclosed. We saw the back of his head which looked just like the back of any child's head - nothing to get excited about. We saw his heart and all the chambers properly pumping blood. We kept trying to get him to turn around so we could see his face. In time, we discovered he had two legs and two arms for which we were thankful. We saw his little toes and little fingers - he has them all. I was impressed with the detail that we could see on the screen. The umbilical cord looked great, as did the placenta. But . . . I just wanted to see his face. He was very active and moving all around the entire time. It was kind of hard to keep up with him actually. FINALLY he moved toward us and we saw an eyebrow, an ear, a nose, and just when I thought I would see the full frontal view of the face, he put both arms up around his face as if he were grabbing his ears and hid himself! What a stinker!!! We kept looking and waiting. He wouldn't move his arms. He insisted on playing hide and seek. We moved away and started checking out his muscular legs when we noticed his arms were down. By the time we got his face again he had moved his leg up so that his foot was literally right in front of his face. So again, not a good view. Just as we were getting ready to finish the session, Dr. Cutrer said, "Let's try to see that face one more time." We went back and this time he wasn't holding his ears and his foot wasn't in front of his face. Instead, we saw a side profile where he had his mouth open and his right hand directly under his nose almost covering his mouth. I swear it looked like he was laughing. Dr. Cutrer joked that our baby was mocking us. He snapped a picture of it because it was just so cute. I wish I had a scanner so I could post the picture here.
The entire ultrasound was video taped. It's pretty amazing when you think about it. Tonight, if we feel like it, we can actually pop a tape into our VCR and watch our baby move around in the womb. God's creation is such a miracle.
We told Dr. Cutrer ahead of time that we didn't want to know what the gender was. When he was finished, I said, "So did you notice the gender?" He said, "Oh yeah, I saw it. And if you show this video to anyone with a trained eye, they'll be able to tell too." I have a regular ultrasound scheduled with my regular doctor next week. Maybe by then we will have changed our minds and find out what we're having! But don't count on it.


Travis,Stephanie, Olivia & Alex said...

Ok so are you hoping its a boy ? you used the word He quiet a bit !!! and now you just have to figure out how to play video on your blog so we can check it out. Ultrasounds are exciting, to see their little hearts beat is so awesome, What an awesome gift from God :)

Kara said...

That reminds me of having our ultrasound with Abby! She would not put her arms down, they were always in front of her face. But for a second she raised up one arm and gave us a thumbs up. It was so cute, I will never forget it.

Jenny LaBo said...

Kelly that is so exciting. I am so glad that everything is going well!

Kelly Glupker said...

No, we are not hoping it's a boy. We just don't like referring to the baby as "it." Sometimes we call "it" a she. I can't upload the video because it's not digital.

Did you have a 4D with Abby?

Thanks. We are thrilled too!

Alicia said...

I don't believe you had the restraint to not ask about the gender!?! Wow. I never got to have a 4d ultrasound, but the 3d was amazing! Glad God gave you that extra special (and free!) blessing!

Kelly Glupker said...

I admit it was tempting to find out. Several of my friends are due right around the same time as me and they have all given in and found out the gender. I guess I am just too stubborn! One reason why I don't want to know is because if anybody chooses to throw us a shower, I would prefer gifts off my registry rather than clothes. When people know what you're having they often buy you an outfit. But with this being my first child I need EVERYTHING not just clothes. Know what I mean?

Shannon said...

Awww How exciting! I think I have a trained eye for ultrasounds. I had one 2 times a week for much of all 3 pregnancies. It's so exciting to watch the baby in there! Well if you decide to watch and figure it out, I can give you some tips in how to determine the sex!

Matt & Nicki said...

That is really neat! I cannot imagine how excited you must be getting. I LOVED being pregnant and couldn't wait to find out what the baby was--your way more patient than I am:) Technology today is amazing. . .glad to hear things are going well!