Sunday, May 13, 2007

Words from my Mom and my thoughts about her

To recongize my mother on this special day, I thought I would make a fun list of the things that she used to say. Here they are:
1. Don't roll or cross your eyes, they'll get stuck.
2. What if everyone jumped off a cliff, would you do it too?
3. Close that door! Were you born in a barn?
4. If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.
5. Don't forget to say your please's and thank you's!
6. Get your hands off the wall! (My mom kept a VERY neat house - fingerprints were not acceptable)
7. This isn't a restaurant, you eat what you get.
8. Speak English so I can understand you. (I used to talk really fast and this was her common response)
9. Quit faking it, you're not too sick to go to school. (My mom would not let us skip school unless we were puking. Even then, if we did throw up, she would say, "okay, you should feel good enough to go to school now.")
10. Don't drive like a bat out of hades. (Though she didn't actually use the word 'hades' and I only recall her saying this to my brother
**This is all I can think of right now, but Kim and Korey - feel free to add to the list as you think of more.
My brother and I laughed a lot on the phone today as we remembered the funny things my mom used to say and do. She wasn't born again until later in life so we don't have memories of her reading the Bible to us or teaching us about Christ. But that's okay. God used other means to draw us to Himself and my mom was still a great person.
I have worked with teenagers and younger kids for several years now and am always amazed at the values, or lack thereof, that these kids from "Christian" homes have. My mom may not have known Christ when I was younger, but she still taught me biblical principles -without even knowing they were Biblical. She taught us to work hard and not expect others to do for us. We were expected to pull our own weight around the house and be responsible. I NEVER recall my mom helping me with a homework assignment, but yet I was expected to bring home good grades. She taught us to be independent -make our own appointments, clean our own rooms, talk to adults, and make our own decisions and then stick with them. We each had a role to play in our home. Even when Kim and I were in elementary and middle school, it was our job to clean the kitchen after dinner. Mom made the meal and when it was done, she and dad left the kitchen. Kim and I were responsible for putting away the leftovers, washing and drying the dishes (we had a dishwasher, but we weren't allowed to use it), sweep the kitchen floor, and wash down all of the countertops. I witness over and over again kids who expect their moms to take care of everything. They expect that mom will bring them their lunch when they forget it at home. They expect mom to clean up after them. They expect mom to buy them what they want (rather than save their own money and buy it themselves). They expect mom to help them with their homework and then defend them to the teacher if they don't get the grade they want. A common attitude among teenagers today is, "Somebody else will always take care of me." I hate that! While Moms do play a certain protective role, kids need to be taught to do for themselves.
I appreciate my mom for teaching me to be an adult. She may not have been the most sensitive person. She wasn't the type to cuddle up with us and read a book. But she loved us. She taught us to stand on our own two feet and be mature, responsible, and hard working.
Today is a unique mother's day for me. It is the first time that I too can be called a "mom." The little kicks I feel remind me that I do have a child and I am so excited to meet him or her. I hope I can take some of the lessons my mom taught me and pass them on to my own children.
Today our pastor made a point of recognizing two groups in the congregation in addition to recongizing the mothers. He recongized those with infertility issues and those who had already lost their moms. I thought this was very fitting to add to a Mother's Day service. I can relate to both of these groups having been told I may never bear children and having lost my own mom nearly 4 years ago. While Mother's Day ought to be a special day to honor our mom's, let's not forget those who find this day to be a real struggle.
I am also thankful for my mother-in-law today. This is the first year since I have been in the family that I have not had her over for a big Mother's Day dinner. I hope she is having a wonderful day. She is a true servant and I owe her much. She has given me a wonderful man and has accepted me as her daughter.
Happy Mother's Day!!!


Kim said...

What a great post! It brought tears to my eyes reading your words and thinking about her. I too appreciate all the valuable lessons Mom taught us over the years even though she wasn't exactly a "traditional" mom. One of her "words of wisdom" you forgot was... a chair has 4 legs, use them all. I still use that one in my Sunday school class. Thanks for making me smile Kel, and Happy Mother's Day to you.

the terrian family said...

Happy Mother's Day to both of you (Kim and Kelly)! And now we too can fill our kids' heads w/ some of the same things OUR parents said to us (and we got SO tired of hearing). Ahhhhhh to pass on the legacy! ha ha

Kelly Glupker said...

You're right - I forgot that one. I often tell my students the same thing. It's funny because I will find myself getting annoyed when somebody comes over to my house and leans back in their chair while sitting at my table. Seriously, I sit across from them and feel my heart rate going up because it just seems so wrong. Yet, I can't exactly tell another adult to use all four legs of his chair without looking like a weirdo. I'm glad you enjoyed the post, Kim. Happy Mother's Day to you too - you're a wonderful Mom!

Stacey Terrian? Is that you . . . blogging?!?!? :) Welcome back, I hope you have finally updated. Happy Mother's Day to you too!!

WILD GHESE said...

kudos to you.

Karen said...

Such a sweet tribute to great moms everywhere...
I feel like I need to call mine!

Tclaytor said...

You know I think that is very neat that the pastor recognized those two other groups. I myself had some moments on Sunday when I really felt the loss of my mother too.

I hope you got to enjoy your first "unofficial" Mother's Day! : )