Monday, June 04, 2007

Pictures from our trip to Michigan

Uncle Ben and Brooklyn are good for each other because they both love to cuddle!
When Brooklyn sees Ben laying down she will often go lay right on top of him. She's so sweet.
Beautiful Blue Eyes

Cole loves spider-man so for his birthday we bought him a spider-man suit.
He sure liked it!
It's entertaining to see how Cole totally takes over the character of spider-man when he is wearing the suit.
Brenden watches the boys wrestle. He normally jumps right in, but he really wanted to wear the suit. Cole was very good about giving Brenden a turn to wear it. When he put it on, he actually tried to climb the walls in the living room!
Uncle Ben brought all the kids these goofy hats. They loved them. Brooklyn looked adorable in the bear mask, but all of those pictures are on Kim's camera.
Isn't my Grandma Rademacher cute?!? This is at the Memorial Day service at the cemetery
Ben and I enjoyed seeing the house Kim and Jeff are building
This was the cake Cole had at his birthday party. His Grandma Lange made it for him. My sister walked in on Cole praying over this cake. He was standing on a chair leaning over the cake with his hands folded and his eyes closed. Thinking nobody was listening, he prayed, "Dear Jesus, thank you for this wonderful, wonderful day. Thank you that I get to have a party tonight and get presents. And thank you SO much for my spider-man cake!" Kids say the cutest things. We woke up each morning with Cole at our bedside whispering, "Hey, you guys - it's a wonderful day. Get up now."


Tclaytor said...

I'm glad you had a nice time on your trip! We've made it down here without too much hassle (if you don't count the truck breaking down on the way here and Tracy having already unloaded all of our stuff in to the parking lot and then having to stay up all night with it!). The kids are loving being with the grandparents! I interviewed at Stephens COunty today and got the job so we are looking for a house now! The good news also is that Tracy may be able to stay int he mornings with the babies so that they only have to go to child care in the morning! I would love that! School here starts at 7:45am (classes start!) but they get out earlier so I would have more of the afternoon with them.

I loved what Cole said--what a cutie! It's awesome that he was so grateful to God! : )

Josh said...

I'm going to be honest here. I'd thank God for a Spider-Man cake, too. That thing rocks!

Kara said...

I also loved the prayer. Adam thanks God for bugs, and sometimes it takes several minutes for him to name them all: beetles, roly polys, that sort of thing.
And I really like the picture of you and your grandma- she is cute!

Alicia said...

THat Cole sounds like such a sweetheart! No wonder you enjoy your niece and nephews so much. Brooklyn is adorable too. Glad you were able to be a part of Cole's wonderful day!