Friday, June 29, 2007

What should I register for? Give me your input!

Does anybody have any suggestions or advice on what to register for?
There are some definite things like the carseat, stroller, diaper bag, bottles, etc. But there are so many "gray" items that Babies "R" Us thinks you need that I don't necessarily agree with.
Some of the items I am not sure if I need or not include:
- Nursing Stool or pillow (Why do I need this is my main question???)
- Diaper Pail (Does it really mask the odor?)
- Wipe Warm (Seriously - how can this be a necessity?!?!)
- Car shade

Then there are the items that I know I need, but I wonder, "Do I really need to put these on the registery? Don't people tend to give you these items without asking for them? Those items include:
- Toys
- Bibs
- Burp Rags
- Baby Wipes
- Sippy cups

So, for all you Moms, what items do you think I should absolutely register for? What items did you get that you later found to be useless? What items did you not get, but wish you would have? Keep in mind we will be living in a small apartment and I hate clutter!


Alicia said...

You are asking some great questions, girl! I can see already that God is giving you mommy wisdom. :) I'll give you my input specifically by product:
* Nursing stool/pillow: My boppy pillow was invaluable! It was so comfy to use while nursing, especially on my tender incision. The boppy was great for helping Chloe sit up as she got older as well.
* Diaper pail: We did cloth diapers (which I highly recommend!) so we used a removable bucket type trash can with lid that we bought from wal-mart.
* Wipe warmer: totally impractical!
* Car shade: A definite must.
* Toys: People aren't going to be able to resist buying you cute little stuffed animals and toys so I don't think you need to register for those. You'll also be able to return things and get store credit if you need a big toy (like an exer-saucer) when the baby gets older.
* Bibs/burp rags/receiving blankets: I suggest you register for one pack of each of these just in case people are looking for something small to get.
* Sippy cups: No way! You won't need these until much later.

I'd also suggest registering for baby bedding (including extra crib sheets!), baby monitor (that was one thing I thought we'd never use but it came in very handy when we moved Chloe to her own room), a few soothing baby music cds, board books, and a pack-n-play.

I remember when I did our registry, I felt totally extravagant putting all these items on the list! People are so generous though when it comes to your first baby and they love to shower you with gifts. You'll be overwhelmed by the love!

Carrie said...

Like Alicia, I highly recommend the Boppy!! I used mine ALL the time in the early months of nursing Sam. I barely used it with Julia (I guess because I was so used to nursing by then), but it was still handy for propping her up when she started to sit. I would say skip the nursing stool, though! My favorite nursing position so far is curled up Indian-style on the couch--no need for a stool. :)

For cloth diapers, a diaper pail is a must. For disposables, I would skip it. It just takes up space, and the diapers don't smell bad at all till the baby starts eating solids, anyway.

I'd also suggest registering for a breast pump (I recommend the manual Avent Isis, but there are a lot of other good ones out there, too), a baby tub (if you have the space for one--otherwise the kitchen sink will work :)), a travel size baby swing (again, if you have space for one--they can be really handy!), and some kind of baby front carrier, such as a Snugli, or a sling. I love my Ergo carrier, but I've never used it with a newborn (didn't get it till Julia was about 8 mos. old). And I think they may only be available online.

I also second Alicia on the pack-n-play! We actually used ours as Julia's bed, in our room, for a long time--it was so much easier for nighttime nursings. And they are so great for traveling, too.

Hope I haven't overwhelmed you with my long comment. :) It will be fun to see what people "shower" you with!!

Conleys said...

Alicia covered most of it, so hopefully this list won't be too long. :) Everyone's different, but this is what I found helpful.

*nursing pillow- I definetly agree with Alicia. I too had a c-section and it was invaluable. It was nice to to prop her up on for tummy time, etc.
*diaper pail- We live in a pretty small duplex, and I have a strong scent for smells, so we got a Diaper Champ (not a GENIE!) and used it for wet diapers. We put the dirty ones in Walmart bags right in the trash. I think some kind of covered trash pail is nice because at first they do go through lots a day and it's nice to have a trash can handy.
*Breast Pump- I don't know if you're planning on nursing, but if you are it's a must. I had a Medela given to me, and it was invaluable! Plus, Esther was lactose intolerant and had acid reflux, so it saved lots of moula and was well worth it.
*Monitor- do some homework online by feedback and stuff on this one. We got a fisher-price monitor (2 actually) and none ever worked. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise, because we didn't have to sleep listening to our baby too. We have a small place and a baby with strong lungs so we could always hear her, but it would've been nice to have one for trips, naps, etc.
*Pack-n-play- definetly agree with this one. Make sure and register for sheets too.
*Car shade- We had trouble with the ones with the sunction cups but really liked the Eddie Bauer ones Target makes that's like saran wrap almost.
*Exersaucer- we loved this. The swing wasn't a big hit with Esther, but she loved the exersaucer. You might even be able to find one used.
*Bumbo seat- I've heard lots of people rave about these. We had a bouncy seat, but the bumbo's are more practical and you may have a hard time finding it used since they're relatively new. I wish I had known about them then.
*Highchair- We have loved the SpaceSaver Highchair esp with our small kitchen. It turns into a booster later and doesn't look tacky either like some do. It's been a great option for us.
*Wipe warmer- we didn't think it was necessary- however a bottle warmer was nice to have those few times when Esther needed a bottle.
*I really liked the shopping cart/highchair covers they sell now. I used them regularly until Esther was one. It still grosses me out what some of these carts/highchairs look like.
*Baby DVD- I loved the Baby Einstein/Baby Faith DVD's. We haven't bought many b/c of the cost, but seriously, kids love them and they actually teach something. If you're looking for something to add to your registry, they're a great idea.

Okay- this is long enough so I'll end it now. Hope it helps! :)

Conleys said...

p.s. I just thought of one more thing- at Target they have this inflatable bath ducky that is adorable. It depends on how much space you have, but I loved it because it folds down after you're done with it(unlike other baby tubs). Esther outgrew the tub since she was so long and tall and I was always afraid she was going to push right out of the tub, so the inflatable one was nice too when she was learning to sit up and it's cheap $10!

Kara said...

Pack-n-play- YES!
Boppy pillow- I pitched it because I never used it.
wipe warmer- no. Dries out your wipes before you get to the bottom

Cathy said...

My days of babies are long over and everything is so different now I could not help you out much. But...if you look at Pam's blog (or Christian's) and go to "Aaron and Betsy" on their links you will see they are using a front sling thing to carry their Alison around in. Sure looks easy and they really like it. They seem to have a nice stroller too. That's all I have to offer. And remember, everyone is different in what they like!

Cathy said...

Oh! Who is winning in Settlers tonight? And...hope you enjoy learning the new game, Carcassone! That is one of my favorites. We are looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks. Ben probably has his sermon all ready??

Matt & Nicki said...

I LOVED my boppy pillow, b/c it helps with back pain. . wipe warmer-NO. . .Diaper pail--they end up stinking anyway. . .we buy scented trashbags (walmart) wrap the dirty diapers and throw them in the regular garbage. . .car shade never seemed to be positioned in the exact spot to block the sun and the infant seats have the "shade" on them to help with that.
Burp cloths--never seem to have enough--if there is a particular type you think look sturdy-register for them.. . I personally like the ones that are thick like the cloth diapers--gerber makes them. Anyway, there's my two cents.:)

Travis,Stephanie, Olivia & Alex said...

boppy pillow, didnt breast feed but used it for kids while they were learning to sit up, works great and wonderful for some tummy time too !
diaper warmer - nope waste !!!!!
car shades-good luck with those, they really arent great but feel free to try :)
toys,sippys, bibs etc. you will like certain things etc. or prefer a certain brand thats why you might want to register for them, i personally love leap frog and baby einstein etc. want the kids to really use their minds, it sad to see all these video things or things related to tv for little ones. what happened to good ol play time ?!
did you come up with any furniture ideas etc. ? or purchase, you can use dressers for changing area's too, that way you save space or something versitile for down the road like we did.
definetly pack n play and sheets to go with it !
also for alex since he was an oct. baby we bought the cover to go over car seat to keep him warm, was wonderful plus safer, according to the state police and everyother info. around you really shouldnt put babies in snow suits etc. because of safety, so that item is great!
hmmmmmmm i will send more later if i think of anything.

Traci said...

Hi Kelly,
Ok I see you already have some great advice but I always love throwing my two cents in anyways. :) I must agree that the wipe warmer was a WASTE OF MONEY! It dried the wipes up and turned them brown. We have a boppy pillow, but I didn't use it because I didn't breastfeed the boys (I pumped). But some people love it. I got a Medela breast pump that was fantastic (Robbie wouldn't breastfeed and Andrew bit me so I would bleed) so they were still able to get breastmilk without actually breastfeeding. But they are very expensive. I think ours was over $300 (some rich person bought it for us!) but it you can get some for much cheaper. We also got the diaper champ - not diaper genie - and yes, it worked for about a year! Then it started stinking so we threw it out. When registering for a car seat, make sure you get one that also fits into the stroller. It's so convenient taking the carseat directly out of the car and placing it in the stroller. Then when Baby turns about 6 months and is able to sit on his own, you can leave the carseat in the car and let him sit in the stroller. Also, it might be fun for you to get all your accessories to match - the stroller, pack-n-play, high chair, swing - you can get them all in the same pattern (I didn't know that and got a bunch of different ones). Pack-n-plays are fantastic. They are multi-purpose - they are a bed, playpen, and changing table all in one. You can also register for a mattress and sheets to fit in the pack-n-play to make it more comfy. Both Robbie and Andrew LOVED the swing. It was great to put them in to fall asleep so that I could get things done around the house....ummm what else....we got the Advent bottles and bottle warmer and I still use them with Andrew to this day. They are very nice. Register for lots of baby towels and washclothes, and yes, baby baths are convenient. Oh! We got a case of all types of different baby thermometers. It had a regular mouth one, one that was a pacifier, one for the ear, one for the butt, and one for the armpit. That was a GREAT gift. And as for the monitors...they are nice in the beginning when it's kinda scary for Baby to be sleeping in a different room. But soon you just get accustomed to waking up to them crying. You may or may not use it, but it's definitely something you should have just in case. Don't get toys - they don't play with them until they're a few months old anyways, and by that time, people will have bought toys anyways. And I can't say enough about the Baby Einstein DVD's and CD's. I LOVE them and the boys LOVE them. Robbie could sing the Blue Danube song by himself at 15 months from those things. Ok this is super long so I'll stop. Hope I didn't just confuse you even more!!! I know how frustrating it is to register for Baby stuff when you have no idea what the stuff is!

Traci said...

One more thing (sorry) - you can NEVER have enough diapers and wipes. And they are SOOO expensive. There's nothing wrong with registering for a few bags of diapers and wipes. You might even want to register for the next size up also, since they grow out of them so quickly. I didn't register for them but I wish I did. You won't believe how many they use in one day...

partyofsix said...

hi kelly, i've never birthed a baby, but i have a few things to add. some things i would have registered for if i could have registered would be:

-duster buster/zoom broom (little portable vacuume that you can easily pull out.) once anna started eating more solid foods there was always a mess under her seat. it was really easy to pull out our dust buster and even have preston vacuum under the table.

-johnny jump up!!! (less bulky than super saucer), but super saucers are great.

-i agree with everyone who said to register for diapers and wipes (although i do have a recipe on how to make wipes for really cheap... if you are interested i can get it to you.)

- as far as an infant car seat, make sure you get one with a FIVE point harness instead of the three point harness. they are much safer (even though they are sometimes a little more pricey.)

- i also agree that a pack and play is a must.

- also, if i would go ahead and register for sippie cups. doctors recommend that babies should be able to use one by the time they turn one (and to start introducing them at 9 months.)

- register for a diaper bag that you LOVE. i always wanted a nice diaper bag, but i could never justify forking out the money. so go all out and get a really trendy one! or one with all the little pockets and compartments. :)

- a nice ear thermometer. (expensive, but i used mine a lot)

- the gerber shampoos and baby washes smell so yummy!

- the infant sleeper gowns (with the elastic around the bottom instead of having legs.) they are a lot easer for changing diapers in the middle of the night.

have fun!

Kelly Glupker said...

I was just at a baby shower last week and one of the girls brought in a recipe for the homemade baby wipes. She said they were super cheap and very effective. Somehow I walked out without the recipe! Can you email it to me? My email address is
Oh, and I am glad you mentioned the dust buster thing. My sister has one and uses it all the time. I doubt they have those at Babies "R" Us though. :(

Katie said...

My sister stole most of my comments. We still think alike! My 3 most valuable "toys" were an activity mat with the "bars" that go over top & have animals hanging on it - Tiny Love is great. Next, the supersaucer was most helpful for us. And also the jonney jumper, although I wouldn't recommend that brand. I got it, but got a Graco one later & Luke loved it. All of those toys are great to keep the little one entertained while you can catch a shower or work in the kitchen, or sit on the couch for a little read!

I've always used a monitor - even in an apt. And I would definitely recommend registering for things that you'll use later on - like sippy cups, eating stuff, and even a large carseat for after 1 year. If you get it as a gift, you'll be so thankful you don't have to go out and buy it when you need it.

I love, love LOVE gowns (like Janelle said). Even for boys - they're great for the middle of the night so you don't have to mess with snaps when changing a diaper.

I think a baby bathtub is a waste - especially of space. I always just laid Luke on a towel on the tub floor - though you can buy a cheap foam pad, which I plan on getting for baby no. 2. A baby tub just didn't seem necessary for me. It would be nice to be able to stand up and bathe your baby, but it's hard to carry the tub with water in it.

Even if you plan on nursing, you might want to get a bottle system so you have some flexibilty. I greatly regretted that I didn't have that with Luke.

A dustbuster is also a great idea - especially when they start eating cheerios. They're everywhere!

Music cds & Baby Einstein DVDs are great too. Also some infant Tylenol - though make sure it won't expire too soon.

WILD GHESE said...

oooooo....I'm getting a lot of good ideas too! Thanks for asking the question!

Leah (Parrish) Millan said...

Hi Kelly! I ditto all of the above comments-- especially the one about baby gowns OR little sleepers that zip rather than snap- much easier for those wee hour changings :) Register for everything you can possibly use because some stores offer a time period where you can receive a percentage off of all items on your registry AND you can return things more easily. I also stocked up on newborn/preemie sleepers because 0-3 months can be huge on a newborn.

Shyla said...

ok,i would like to say that i typed a lengthy epistle about all of these baby things and i must say that i am a little disappointed to see that it never posted. how sad!

Karen said...

Pack N Play, for sure. Car shades, yes. I didn't think we'd need one, as our windows are tinted...but that sun shines right through! I used a boppy just for the first 6 weeks or so, but it was helpful for sitting her up later on. Be sure you have at least a couple pacifiers...

I registered for one of those convertible bathtubs--mine had a sling for the NEW newborn, was reclined on one side for small babies, and straight-backed on the other side for babies who are learning to sit. We have limited space, too, but I used that for a long time.

Just keep all your gift receipts--you'll be surprised at how many trips you make back and forth to Babies R Us!

TwoMuths said...

I share Shyla's sentiment. I commented at length as well. something's wacky here.

partyofsix said...

2 Table spoons baby wash
2 Table spoons baby oil
2 cups water
paper towel roll (cut in half so it looks like a toilet paper roll - get the thicker clothier kind.)

poor the mixed liquids over the paper towel, and then the soggy card board middle comes out and you pull the sheets out from the middle. put it in a container with an airtight cover.


the terrian family said...


you've gotten lots of great input already, but just wanted to add a couple things.

A mama can DEFINITELY nurse their baby while using plain 'ol pillows instead of a boppy. The KEY is getting both of you in a good comfy position. I managed just fine w/ both kiddos NEVER having a boppy ;) Granted they're not ultra-expensive OR space-consuming....but just wanted to throw that out there.

Breast pump-- The Medela Pump-in-Style is AWESOME as far as double electric pumps. It IS more expensive than a lot of the other brands though. If you knew you'd need it a lot and you plan to nurse for awhile, it's definitely a good investement. Consider the cost of the pump ALONE (not to mention the OTHER savings involved w/ nursing) vs. the cost of a year of formula!

The Avent Isis Pump (that someone else mentioned) is a single, manual pump and works awesome. If you don't really plan on needing to use it a lot (i.e. someone who knows they're heading back to full work days when baby is six weeks) then I think for occasional use this is a top-notch pump (and much less expensive).

OH, one last's also nice to have a tube of lanolin (JUST IN Ben doesn't have to run out looking for it if you need it), some nursing pads and a nursing bra or two (the cami's are nice!). Personally, I never used special clothing designed for breastfeeding moms EXCEPT a couple night gowns...but two piece pajamas are great too :)

When's your first shower? (HOW EXCITING!!)


Alicia said...


wow, you got some wonderful advice!

I just wanted to add that I have a cloth sling that I used LOTS with Chloe when she was between 4-12 mos. I had a snugli backpack/frontpack carrier but I had an awful time getting Chloe in it when I was home alone. Too many straps and things. The sling was super easy to use and helped ease my back on long walks.

Are you registering anywhere but Target?

Alicia said...

Oops, meant to say babies r us. I have target on my brain tonight. :)

Tricia said...


I definitely recommend the boppy pillow, as it makes it much easier to eat supper, type on the computer, etc. while keeping baby in a good position for nursing...I use mine all the time. Also, the other absolute must is a sling. It might not be as necessary with the 1st baby (although Ian always like to be cuddled up in it), but essential - for me at least - with two others to manage! =) Enjoy this time...although registering can be a little mind-boggling and such, it still is lots of fun to be able to pick out stuff and have people buy it for you!!