Wednesday, July 11, 2007

WOW! Thanks for your input!

I just returned from a week in Michigan and was overwhelmed at all of the advice I received on this blog for my baby registry. Thanks to all who commented! I read several of the comments before I left town and even went on-line to add some of the items you all mentioned. While in Michigan I had a family baby shower as well as a party with some church friends who also gave us some great gifts. My good friend Stephanie generously gave us some of the things mentioned by many of you such as the boppy pillow and the grocery cart cover. I was thankful for this because I wasn't convinced I should purchase these items myself (and I don't want to register for something I won't spend my own money on), but now I have them anyway! I love hand-me-downs! Some friends, like Pam gave me gifts that I didn't register for, but that many of you told me I should - like the gowns for easy middle-of-the-night diaper changes. It's amazing how helpful the blogosphere can be!
After spending a few days with my nephews and niece, I agree with Janelle and Katie that a hand-held vacuum would be a great thing to have!
Several of you also brought up the idea of using a sling. I did register for one at Babies "R" Us (which is the only place I registered, Alicia) but our store doesn't keep it in stock. It can only be purchased on-line. Therefore, I haven't actually seen it or tried it on. Many of my cousins use a sling and I definitely think it's something I want to have. For those of you who use one, where did you get it? Do you recommend a specific brand?
I have only had one official shower so far and I already cannot believe the way I have been showered with material blessings! God is providing for us in so many ways!
I have a few pictures on my camera of our trip home (I'm terrible about taking pictures), but until I am able to post them feel free to visit Kara's blog to check out some pictures of the party at the Armstrong home.
Thanks again!


Thom & Lesley said...

Hey Kelly - a really good friend of mine makes these slings...see her website at - just for things to check out....hand made!!!! just thought I'd throw in my two cents...I have NO idea how much these things go for - but Niki is a great friend.

Alicia said...

Thanks for linking us to your friend's blog so we could see the shower pictures! That dirty diaper game looks hilarious, I've never played that one.

I purchased a simple sling online through ebay. The lady I bought mine from makes them homemade in a variety of different fabrics. Once you start learning about cloth slings, you'll see there are LOTS of different types. I like mine because it's simple with just two steel rings to keep it in place. I didn't want to mess with complicated twists, turns, and configurations everytime I wanted to plop Chloe into it. I paid about $18 for mine (including the shipping). Hope that helps!

Matt & Nicki said...

Welcome back to the blogging world. . .I've been checking for more baby updates on your blog. Baby showers are a wonderful thing!!

Tricia said...

I'm waiting for my "Hotsling" to come in the mail. They have them now at our Target, so I picked one up there and I really liked it but it was a size too big, so I had to order one online. I have a ring sling that was given to me (used) before I had Ian and I loved the concept of the sling, but it is terribly ugly and quite bulky, so the Hotslings seemed like more what I was looking for. I'll update you once I get it!

Kelly Glupker said...

Thanks for the tips on the sling.

Tricia, I would love to hear how yours works out for you. After I read your comment I walked up to Target to check out what they had. They are quite a bit cheaper than others I have seen.

My cousins mentioned Ebay as well. I'll have to look into that. I just wish I could try it on first.

Your friend's slings look awesome, but boy, they sure are pricey!

the terrian family said...

Hey Kelly~

I bought some cool tan/checked fabric in the clearance section of JoAnn's and the two metal rings from Lowe's. It wasn't pricey AT ALL ;) If I can find a link w/ instructions for making/using slings....I will email them your way!