Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Our Beefy Boy!

"Come on, Mom! That's enough pictures already!"

Today I went back to my OBGYN to have my blood pressure checked and it was exactly the same as it was the first time I walked into his office. YEAH! It was 100/62 - Praise the Lord! My vision is still not good in my left eye. The earliest I can get in to see the eye doctor is a week from tomorrow. My medical insurance company said they would cover it since the problem was caused by the preeclampsia. However, the eye doctor's office warned me that even though they say they will cover it, they never do. Yikes! We'll be praying about that.
In other news, I stopped in at the Nursing Station after my appointment today. It's this great little store with items for you to rent and take home, or use free of charge in the store. I went in because they have a baby scale and I wanted to weigh Owen. He's being fed by breast milk only so it's kind of hard to know exactly how much he is eating. The books say he should eat 15 minutes per side per feeding, but I'm lucky if he eats 15 minutes total at a feeding. He eats exactly every 3 hours and is doing great. When we left the hospital two weeks ago today he weight 5 pounds 2 ounces. Today I stripped him all the way down to get an accurate measure and he now weighs just over 7 pounds!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He has gained almost 2 entire pounds in 2 weeks! I am very pleased and the lady working there seemed to be very impressed with his progress. Owen thanked her by peeing all over her. While I was there I had to nurse the baby so I tried out the pillow called "My Brest Friend." Has anyone ever used it? I thought it was great!
I posted a few pictures below. You have to take note of the Spiderman pictures. You may recall that back in May my nephew had a cool spiderman birthday party with an awesome spiderman cake. Ben and I got him a spiderman costume which he just loved. When Owen was born my sister let her kids pick out gifts for him. Would you believe that Cole found a spiderman outfit for him??? He sure did! So today we put it on him and took some pictures for Cole to enjoy.
Here's Cole
And here's our little spiderman
"What's going on over there? I've got my eye on you."

Last night we tried out the snuggly when we went on our two mile walk. He's a bit small for it as you can tell.
He sure does like the swing Nancy Lunney got him!


Kara said...

The first thing I do when the kids are off to bed is check blogs- what a treat to see new pictures! Love the spidey outfit with the double chin, and that picture of him looking to the side is so funny!

I had not heard of that pillow, is it something new?

Cathy said...

Ben & Kelly,
You sure have a sweet baby. And so cute. He looks like a snuggler. Congratulations to you.

Alicia said...

He seems to be changing so much already! I love his dark hair and eyes. Great job at eating and gaining weight, Owen! That's hilarious that he peed all over the saleslady. I hope she just laughed it off. :) What IS it with toddler boys and spider man obsession? I know several little guys who think they're spiderman and have never even seen the movie.

Katie said...

Awe, he's SO cute! But, I have to say, your beefy boy is 2.5 pounds lighter than my BEEFY boy was when he was born! In the dr's words right after she delivered him from me (Praise Jesus!), He was a "brute." :) So glad he's nursing well for you. I rented a pump from the Nursing Stations for a few months, but later found out I could've gotten one free through WIC. Do you know about that program? Chris frequented the Nursing Station in the days after Luke was born - poor boy. :) I think the hospital had a "My Brest Friend" pillow that I used in the hospital - it was a lot better than a Boppy Pillow, but I never bought one. I love the Spider Man outfit too! :)

Kelly Glupker said...

I don't know if it's new or not. I have never looked at breast feeding items before. :)

Thanks, Cathy!

I don't know WHAT it is about spiderman. My nephews know all about him and they haven't seen the movie either. The saleswoman was fine - she just used some Purell. She said she gets it all the time.

My sister's kids were all in the nine pound range too. Most of the babies in my family are 9 and 10 pounds so I was expecting a big one as well. I'm curious how big he would have been had he not been 3.5 weeks early. He wasn't supposed to be here for another week.

Kim said...

The kids loved looking at your pictures this morning and are very excited to meet their new cousin. Cole was very proud to see Owen sporting the outfit that he picked out all by himself.

Laurie said...

He is so adorable I just want to hold him and kiss him. Keep the pictures coming, I love seeing them. Owen, you'll have to get used to that camera, cause' your mommy will be taking LOTS more pictures. :)

WILD GHESE said...

that looks like a great swing. I bet you just want to try everything out.
I bought a changer that is portable today for really cheap. I can't wait to have a kid!!!
Wonder what John will think ;)

Jenny LaBo said...

I love the pictures. Wait till Josh sees the Spiderman outfit. VERY nice!