Monday, October 15, 2007

A special staff meeting

Staff meetings aren't the most enjoyable thing, but today's was pretty nice. After the meeting at the Jewish Temple where we work, we were treated to a catered lunch in honor of Owen's birth. The food was wonderful! Many people took turns snuggling with our little guy while he slept through the whole thing. We were also blessed with a very large gift certificate to Target. It was beyond more than what we would ever expect, especially since we weren't expecting anything! The senior rabbis also purchased a brick in honor of John Owen's birth that will be placed in the WHAS Crusade for Children Walk of Fame. The walk of fame raises money for children with special needs in Kentucky. Owen's brick will read: "Celebrating J. Owen Glupker" with his birthday. I thought the gift was very creative. We look forward to taking a walk down there to see it.
Below are some pictures of our lunch. As always, I posted them in the wrong order. Oh well

Our family with Rabbi David. Rabbi David was so good with Owen.

Here are some pictures that are out of order. This is my office where Owen and I work. He takes his nap in the bassinet that Ben's boss purchased for us. It fits perfectly next to my desk. Now you can all see the computer where I blog from. Just kidding!

Owen with the Temple Director, Sally
Rabbi Rooks
Rabbi Rapport
God continues to meet our needs and we are soooo thankful! We love working at the Temple and were so blessed today by the generosity of those we work with.


Kara said...

That is so nice!
What are you going to do when Owen just doesn't cooperate at work anymore?

Kelly Glupker said...

I don't think that will ever happen because my child is perfect. Actually, he hasn't been cooperating the last couple of days. He's been really gasy and after I feed him he screams his head off until he lets out a huge burp. He is such a guy. Right now he spends some time in my office. Of course some of the office staff will hold him and play with him for part of the day. When he's not in my office Ben carries him around in either the sling or the snuggly. He does great in there and Ben can still do his job will carrying him around. Once he gets bigger we can get a walker for him to play around and follow Ben in. The older he gets the more time he'll have to spend with Ben since his job is maintenance and he doesn't have to be in a quiet office. The great thing is that I pick my own hours. So if Owen is doing well at work, Ben and I can work the same shift. If he doesn't do well, one of us can work during the day while the other works in the evening and we can keep him at home. I can also work weekends if I so choose. It's perfect because I set my own schedule.

Matt & Nicki said...

That is great they let you bring him to work and are so flexible with your schedule . . .what a blessing!

WILD GHESE said...

what a neat opportunity to work there. Also, how thoughtful!

Jenny LaBo said...

I think it is so amazing that they let you have Owen there! Plus I think it is good for everyone to have a baby around. There is no way to be grumpy when a baby is snuggling with you!

Alicia said...

WOWZA! God is so good to provide you both with such a wonderfully flexible job! And it looks like you work with some very loving and caring people too. Praise God that you're able to still help out financially and do your job as a mom!

partyofsix said...

thats awesome!