Monday, November 05, 2007

Consider This

Notice how the cost of a stamp has significantly gone up over the last few decades.
In 1957 it cost $0.03 to mail a letter.
In 1967 it was $0.05.
By 1977 the price had jumped to $0.13.
In 1987 it was $0.22.
In 1997 it cost a whopping $0.32 and today it cost all of $0.41.
While this may not be a huge price to pay for mailing a personal note, I do think the money can be more wisely invested. After all, if you are writing thank you notes for wedding gifts or baby shower gifts, the cost can really add up. Just this week as I was writing out several thank you cards, a thought came to me. Why not just NOT send a thank you card? I know what you're thinking, "That's rude and tacky." Don't worry, I am sending the thank you notes. But, had I thought of the following idea sooner, I would have announced my idea at my baby showers and I would not be doing thank you cards. You see, when you have a shower, don't you look for the person in the crowd and smile and say "thank you" right after you open the gift? I do. So why do we feel the need to send a card as well? I don't get offended when people don't send me a thank you card. In fact, I often write on the gift, "I know you're thankful - don't bother sending me a card." However, some people DO get offended. Now lest you think I am trying to get out of spending the money on postage or the time on writing notes, let me share my idea with you. In an age where the life of the unborn is not valued, why not give a donation to your city's crisis pregnancy center in lieu of writing out cards for baby gifts? I'm serious. Nobody saves your thank you card. You spend big bucks buying cards and stamps and for what? I think you ought to say "thank you" for the gifts you receive, but if I could do it over again, I believe I would tell my loved ones that in honor of their gift, I am going to donate to a good cause.
If you're getting married or having a baby, you will have a ton of thank you cards to write out in the near future. Consider giving a donation to a good charity instead. Now that's money well spent!


Lorraine said...

Isn't it funny the things we think are important that are really just traditions? Now, some traditions are definitely worth keeping around, but I think that we're going to start seeing more and more people over the next generation moving to something like a "thank you e-mail" or even a "thank you post" on a blog.

Jenny LaBo said...

I agee with you Kelly. I really don't mind when people don't send thank yous. Plus I think it is a wonderful idea to donate money as well. Lorraine, I think that is a good idea as well.

Alicia said...

Great ideas, Kelly. I think you should do e-cards as well. Most people have online access these days (even my grandma does!) and wouldn't mind an online card instead of a paper one. My mom always tells me to send her e-cards instead of paper ones - especially at Christmas time because she knows how many stinking cards we send out. The other thing that gets me with Christmas cards is that so many of them are beautiful but most folks just throw them in the trash every year. What a waste! The last few years I've cut the Christmas cards we receive into gift tags to be used for the following Christmas gifts.

Kelly Glupker said...

What a thrifty idea, Alicia! I think I'll make tags this year too. Thanks!

Heather said...

I don't get offened when I don't get a personal "thank you" in the mail...i normally don't even think about it.

Great ideas though...

Lorraine said...

I'm going to steal that cards-to-tags idea!

WILD GHESE said...

i think it all depends on the situation. for example, e-cards maybe to the ones that are far away, and real cards that you can hand out in church. I know I like getting thank you cards, especially if the person actually has something to say. maybe I'm just selfish, but on the other hand, when I write one, I'm honestly wanting to make contact with that person. it's part of relationship building, I think, but Thank You cards are not always necessary.
I don't know Kelly, I think I might be tempted to think "yeah right, she's really going to give the money to charity..." etc.

Tclaytor said...

I think it's good to make some kind of personal contact with someone who has given you a gift. I think a phone call would be the best thing. I never enjoyed writing thank you cards because I end up saying the same thing over and over, even if I truly am grateful. What I did for a few people is called them up later and told them how I used their gift for my baby or sent them a picture of the baby in the outfit. I didn't do this with everyone, but I guess the idea is to let people know you remember their generosity and you care!
And a bit about Christmas cards--I don't like them particularly since people normally just sign them without really saying anything. That's a waste of paper to me!

Deb McIntyre said...

Great ideas ladies! On Christmas Cards. We send out a Family picture card (we get them made up cheap at sam's club) You know, it's been almost a year and I still see them sitting out a friends houses! And I don't have to sign them cause we have a message printed right on them.

Kelly Glupker said...

I'm with you. I don't see the point of a card that just has somebody's name signed. I love getting cards like what Deb is talking about. I keep the pictures on my fridge all year long.

I too have often thought, "Yeah right, like they are really giving a charity the money" when I see those in lieu of cards at wedding receptions and stuff. But I suppose we should give the benefit of the doubt.

I agree that it is nice to have a personal touch. When I do write out cards I try to make mention of the specific gift by name. I want people to know that I really am appreciative.

TwoMuths said...

I agree...especially since I always find "leftover" thank you cards - you know, the ones I wrote and set aside thinking I'd call mom for the address or something?! Well those are a definite cause for embarrassment! As far as Christmas cards go, we do the picture card and include a family letter. I'm sure some people throw them away, but those are always my favorite kind to get.