Sunday, December 02, 2007

November in a Nutshell

November flew by. Here are a few pictures of our month (out of order, of course).
The first set of pictures were taken over Thanksgiving weekend in Michigan. Owen and I went by ourselves because Ben had a huge paper to write and exams to study for. Owen did great in the car, but we sure missed Ben. My birthday was on Thanksgiving day this year. When we returned from Michigan Ben gave me my birthday presents: a gift certificate to get my nails done (I would normally NEVER spend money on something like this so it is a real treat), a book about the wives of Adoniram Judson, and a beautiful sapphire ring with two diamonds on the sides.
Owen at Grandma and Grandpa Glupker's house.
Grandpa Rademacher - Owen got lots of cuddle time with Grandpa!
Owen with his cousin, Cole. The cousins love Owen, though Brooklyn isn't very fond of sharing him.

Owen with is great-grandma Glupker and grandpa.
While we had family in town we visited the Louisville Slugger Museum. Here is the world's largest bat which stands 120 feet high outside the museum. Aunt Judy purchased a personalized bat for the annual Glupker softball game that we play every summer.
Grandpa and Owen
Even Owen got a bat after the tour.
Owen is still going to work with us. He spends part of his day working with Ben in this carrier. He spends another part of the day playing in his bouncy seat in my office. He is such a good boy!
Halloween isn't in November, but that's when you can get clearanced costumes! Obviously this hotdog suit won't fit next year, but for a couple bucks I couldn't resist picking it up. Hopefully another Glupker will use it some year.
Owen has been smiling for a several weeks, but he is becoming more and more alert. He is fun to play with. He coos and talks all the time!

SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT: (can I get an Amen?!?!)

Owen started sleeping through the night a while back. It's heavenly!!!! He typically sleeps about 10 hours a night. He must be enjoying a great dream in this picture. We sure do love our boy!


Kara said...

Couldn't I just borrow him for a couple days? My babies were never that smiley!!

Alicia said...

I'm with Kara, Chloe never was that smiley at 3 months old!

LOVE his big ole cheeks and double-chin. I want to pinch them through the computer!

That hot dog costume is hilariously cute!

How much longer do you think Owen can come to work with you guys?

Belated happy birthday to you!

Kelly Glupker said...

Kara and Alicia,
At what ages did your kids start smiling a lot? I wish I had a video camera so I could tape how he "talks." He is so chatty, I love it!
Our boss said that we can bring Owen to work until he's old enough to go to school. Seriously. That's what they told us. We are taking it one day at a time. We realize that there may come a point in time when this no longer works. In the meantime, we are soooo thankful to be able to bring him with us.

Chris said...

Owen looks huge in the first picture! I'm looking forward to coming down this weekend for a visit. :)

WILD GHESE said...

thanks for the update. Lot's of great pics. Happy, late, Birthday!

Amanda said...


Phil said...

Love him real good. He will grow out of this phase and on to the next so fast. Before you know it you will be asking him to help you, and he will be sharing funny stories from school to see if he can get you to laugh. We miss you guys.

partyofsix said...

i love owen's little smiling face! what a dolly!

he makes an adorable hot dog too.

i am so happy for you that owen is sleeping through the nights. how old was he when he started that? amos likes to sleep all day and is wide awake all night. i try to keep him awake in the day, but it is tough. i am sure that in time, things will straiten out.

Clem said...

You can use your phone to get some 60 second videos.
Grandpa Rademacher