Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cheap Entertainment

Kids say the funniest things! I spent a few days with my nephews last week and thought I would share some of the things I overheard. Brenden is three and Cole is four.

Me: "You boys are playing so nicely together!"
Cole: "Yeah, we're pretending we are God."

Brenden: while playing with his Legos says, "Aunt Kelly, I'm making your Christmas present!"

Me: "Brenden, finish your supper so you can grow big and strong like your daddy."
Brenden: "I'm already big and strong." (His tone sounded like he was offended.)

Cole: "You know where we get hamburger? We find a cow, kill it, and inside we find hamburger."
Brenden: "Yeah, Cole. And then we drink it's milk."

Brenden: "Mom, can I watch T.V.?"
Kim: "No, go play with your toys."
Brenden: "But mom, watching T.V. makes me grow big and strong."
Me: "Actually, watching TV makes you dumb."

Cole: singing says, "Jesus died on the cross of calorie, there he gave his life for me."

Brenden: laying in bed and complaining because he wants to stay up says, "I'm scared."
Me: Knowing that he's not really scared I say, "What are you scared of?"
Brenden: "Um. The trees. They are going to come get me."
Cole: "It's okay, Bren. Let's pray that the trees don't get us." Then he leads in prayer.

Cole: "Aunt Kelly, you have a baby in your belly."
Me: "Not anymore, honey. Owen came out."
Cole: "Well, you have another one."
Me: "Not yet."
Cole: "Well, you're gonna because I prayed that God would put another baby in your belly." (He prayed that my sister would get pregnant. Now that she is he thinks he can get anything he prays for. He is also praying that God would give them a pool for their backyard.)

Brenden: "Mom, I don't want to wear this sweater to church. It hurts."

The boys wouldn't go to bed one night and called my sister into the room. Trying to come up with a reason to call her in Brenden says:
Brenden: "Mom, my face hurts."
Kim: wondering why he couldn't come up with a better excuse says, "Why does your face hurt?"
Brenden: "Um . . . because . . . I fell"
Kim: "How could you fall if you were in bed?"
Brenden: Knowing he will get a spanking for being out of bed says, "Well, I fell on my face when I was at grandma Lange's house."
Kim: "You haven't been to Grandma's in two weeks. Get to bed!"

Cole was misbehaving in church so Kim whispered in his ear that he was going to get a spanking when they got home. In the car, the following conversation takes place:
Cole: "Mom am I still getting a spanking?"
Kim: "Yes"
Cole: "Is it going to be a big one or a hard one?"
Kim: "Both"
Kim: noticing that Cole has his eyes closed, she thinks that he is praying so she asks, "What are you doing?"
Cole: "I'm trying to fall asleep because I don't get spankings when I'm asleep."

Brookie gave us a lot of laughs as well. She is very possessive of Owen and would not let anyone near him. If the boys got too close she would pinch them and say, "No! He's MY baby O-O!!!"


Shelby said...

Sounds like you had a nice time with the kids. There is never a dull moment when there is little kids around, they are very entertaining!!

Laurie said...

Looks like your sister is just a couple weeks behind me. Congrats Kim.

TwoMuths said...

"yeah, Cole, and then we drink their milk" had me laughing harder than anything. Oh, my aching sides.

Korey said...

I can't wait to see those kids! And I can't wait to see Owen for the first time either. I expect to have him in my arms with in the first two minutes I see you.

Amanda said...

That was very entertaining! Kids do some crazy things. I should righ them done. Nice post!

My 4 yr old (at the time) went into the bathroom (after being scolded) and came out and told me she prayed God would make me disappear. :( Hhahahhhhahh

Grandpa Rademacher said...

The one about Cole trying to fall asleep to avoid a spanking is tooooo funny.... that gave me a good laugh.