Friday, March 14, 2008

All in a Day's Work

As most of you know, I work three days a week as a Rabbinic Assistant. God has opened the door for me to continue working while still caring for my son. Owen stays home with Ben when we work opposite shifts. When we work together, we have the privilege of taking Owen with us. The older he gets the more challenging it becomes. He is such a chatterbox that I have resorted to keeping my office door closed so as to keep his noise down. Thankfully, I do have my own office. He doesn't cry or fuss much, but he loves to use his voice. He "talks" and laughs constantly.
Owen spends part of his day sitting in his bumbo seat watching me work. This is becoming a bit of a problem because he has figured out how to pick up the phone. He leans forward and grabs anything he can get his little hands on. He doesn't like to sit on the floor much because there is so much less to see.
The picture above is an old one - taken last November. We don't use the front carrier as much anymore because he's getting pretty heavy to lug around in it. Depending on what job Ben is doing, he will sometimes still pull this out and tote Owen around in it.
See all those stinkin' handouts? I made every single one of them! The carrier I am using in this picture was made by a friend of ours from back home, Katie Losee. I love it! I don't know what you call it, so I just call it the "losee."

This is where Owen takes his naps. This is in the office of our retired rabbi.
Unfortunately this sign doesn't keep everybody quiet.
We are both pretty tired and ready to go home. Having a good old time while Mama works. Ben's parents bought Owen this johnny jump-up. He loves it! He acts like he's trying to run.
Owen used to sit on my lap while I typed. I'm sure you can figure out why that doesn't work anymore. He thinks it's fun to pound on the keys too. He loves to sit on my desk where we can be face to face.
Ben's is on the look-out to get Owen a walker so that he can follow Ben around as he works. Ben spends a lot of his time in the auditorium setting up and taking down for parties, bar and bat mitzvahs, and services. It would be a great, open and safe space for Owen to use a walker. We are always looking for ways to keep him out of the office area so he can make all the noise his little heart desires without interrupting anyone's work.


Kara said...

We used the Johnny-jump-up all the time at our first house! Rachel and Adam both loved it. We don't have one stinking piece of trim in this house to hang one from now.

I can picture O. tearing into the corn on the cob in another year or two, he cracks me up!

Jenny LaBo said...

Me too! I love his little faces. Plus him on your desk makes me laugh. He is way better then a picture frame. I was talking about you with a co-worker and how you get to take little Owen to work, and what a wonderful idea it is. Thanks for the pictures...I NEVER get tired of them.

Alicia said...

thanks for giving us a glimpse of your workplace! God is SO GOOD to give your family such an ideal childcare/work situation! I am in awe of our great God and how He crafted your circumstances so nicely.

Good luck finding a walker. We had a really hard time finding one because they're supposedly dangerous (kids falling down steps or running into things). We found ours at a yard sale. You're welcome to borrow ours until we need it. Of course you'd have to come up here to get it or we could meet you someplace.

Tclaytor said...

I tagged you--see my blog! : ) I think you might have done this one already. If so, feel free to ignore.

nate, christina, and connor said...

i think it is SO cool that you guys can take him to work with you! praise the Lord for that, huh? what a gracious employer to allow that. some people would have a hissy fit at the thought of it. i bet it would be so cute to see owen scooting around in a walker behind ben. :) hope you can find a cheap one soon.

TraceyLD said...

Great Pictures! The zoo looked like a fun activity and warm weather on top of that. I really getting ready for spring.
Looks like John, Debby and Michael enjoyed themselves. I know it went way too fast for them.
Looking forward to seeing Owen in person.

The Speer's said...

Great pictures it has to be great to be able to take Owen to work with you and not put him in daycare. Have a great time in Florida. I miss the sunshine.

Anonymous said...

If you think it is hard now, just wait until Owen starts crawling and walking. He will be getting into everything, and you won't be able to keep him in one place. Trust me, it is going to get a lot more challenging then. Enjoy this time while you can.

Kelly Glupker said...

I know. Why don't you leave your name?

Thanks for the offer. We are actually looking into buying a used one ourselves. We'll see. I was surprised to find that many stores DO sell them online.

The Neals said...

i loved this post! i just started working from home - which has proved to be such a joy! i love being a stay at home mom and also continuing to do what i love. it is challenging at times, but i continue to check your blog for advice and tips on keeping my kid happy and still getting my work done. we have a johnny jump up and i can't wait to use it now!

Trail Rated said...

I love Jonny Jump Ups. My kida all used them! I ish they had them for adults too!
Ben's Friend Jack (from Jersey)

WILD GHESE said...

Kelly, he is so cute. You guys are great parents, how cool is it that you get to bring him to work?

party of eight said...

that is amazing kelly. the pictures of him sitting in the bumbo on your desk make me laugh. it is just so unusual. i love it!

Josh said...

I think I'd be too uncomfortable to concentrate on work if there was a little tiny person sitting on a little tiny chair on my desk, watching me. Don't get me wrong; the picture's pretty funny, and your son is adorable. I'm just glad it's you sitting there working and not me.

Abby Sokul Turner said...

Kelly - just got your comment on my blog about Michael Buble, so I thought I'd answer here :-) He was in Cincinnati (the concert I went to at least-right outside where I live). He was in Louisville the night before I guess. He is AMAZING! You need to catch up on his music - it's really good!