Friday, April 04, 2008

Disney's Animal Kingdom

Monday was a little on the cool side so we opted to hang out at Disney rather than lay around the pool.
The Tree of Life

Gotta love a man willing to change diapers! By the way, the guy on the left is my brother-in-law, Jeff.
I'm so irritated that there was a smudge on my camera lens! Oh well - look how much Kim is showing! Isn't she cute?


Kara said...

Awww, Kim, you are so cute! I got to hang out with my pregnant sister (in-law) today! I'll post a couple pics from her baby shower later. :)

party of eight said...

that is awesome that your husband is not afraid to change diapers. jason changed almost all of malachi's diapers while we were in the hospital... and now that we are home he changes a lot of anna's and amos' too. - what a blessing!