Monday, April 21, 2008

Owen's latest tricks

The other day, Aunt Sarah asked if Owen was sitting up yet. It was then that I realized I must not be updating my blog very well. So here's an update in pictures:

Owen LOVES to ride on Daddy's shoulders and does so regularly.
He enjoys being outside in the fresh air.
He still loves to go for walks. Riding in his stroller is one of his favorite things to do. This picture was taken tonight right before bedtime. He's still a great sleeper. He goes to bed by 8:00 p.m. and sleeps for about 12 hours. He takes two naps a day.
If you look closely you will see that he has two teeth. His new love is cheerios. We are trying to teach him that no man can live on cheerios alone. I think he likes them so much because he can feed them to himself. He especially enjoys banging his hands on his tray and watching the cheerios pop off the tray and unto the floor. He is eating more and more table food every day. Yesterday I gave him some peas. When I changed his diaper I realized that he swallowed them whole.

And yes, he does sit up. He's been doing this for quite a while now.
Owen plays very well independently. He's not crawling yet, which is why in this picture you will notice that all of his toys are an equal distance away from him. He pushed them as far as he could. It's almost a perfect half circle. His math minded mama was very proud of him.
He enjoys standing, though he is not pulling himself up yet. Gotta love those toys that make noise and light up.

When he wakes up in the morning he is always flipped over onto his back and turned 180 degrees.
Our little guy is growing so fast. He started saying, "Da-da" last Friday (though not regularly)and has recently started giving kisses.
So there's our update in a nutshell.


Kara said...

2 teeth! You know I'm excited about that!
THe peas in the diaper is funny- the same thing happens with Abby and black beans.

Alicia said...

Watch out for corn. It does the same thing as peas. Something about those outer shells isn't digestible for little tummies.

Wow, he really is growing up fast! He looks like such a happy smiley baby. And that's AWESOME about his great sleeping habits! Did you do babywise stuff with him?

Kim said...

Wow! I can't believe its only been a month since I've seen him and he has already changed so much. He looks very happy and content. You guys are doing a great job! I really miss him!

Pam said...

I can't believe how big he is! We definately need pictures more often. He's changing so fast.
He is turning into the perfect combination of you and Ben. I see both of you in him :) Too cute!!

Kelly Glupker said...

Yes, I used babywise along with some motherly intuition. I wasn't super strict with it, but I did follow the general principles. It's great. He puts himself to sleep regardless of whether or not we are home and sleeps at least 12 hours a night (often more). He wakes up happy every morning.

You can see me in him?? Really? I think he looks kind of like his Uncle Andrew.

Pam said...

He has your nose for sure and your hair color :)

Heather said...

He is getting so big! It is so fun to watch them change every day! :) That is great that he sleeps that well for you! Has it become more difficult at work now that he is moving around more??

The Speer's said...

He is growing so fast. He will be walking before you know it. What a CUTIE.

Kelly Glupker said...

Actually, our work situation is changing. Before long I will not be taking him with me anymore. We are praying about what we are going to do financially.

mj said...

I was hoping the first thing he said would be "MJ". It would of made sense because it is a lot easier to say than da-da

CC said...

Too cute! That was a great update, I didn't know he had teeth yet! Yeah for him standing up by himself too!

Chris said...

Owen is growing fast!! You might need to come to Michigan more often. You definitely have a good looking boy there. I hope the little Evan doesn't grow as fast as it seems that Owen is growing.

Sarah Glupker said...

well if that isn't the cutest boy ever!!!!
XOXOXOX to you Baby Owen

Aunt Sarah

Matt & Nicki said...

Wow--that went fast!! i feel like it was not too long ago that we were "introduced" to this little guy--what a fun stage!