Friday, October 10, 2008

Look Past the Smile

Senator Obama is, without a doubt, very appealing to many Americans. He's young, nice looking, energetic and a good orator (although he does say "uh" way too much). He has a great smile and is just so nice! He can perform on Saturday Night Live, dance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, and receive the praise of Oprah, but does that make him qualified to be president?
Senator Biden has three decades of experience and appears to really know his stuff. He is a true politician through and through. And by politician, I mean he knows how to speak half-truths and manipulate the facts. If you watched the vice-presidential debate, you should read this article. While the media attacked Governor Palin for her lack of information, the facts show that Senator Biden told numerous lies and misrepresented the statistics several times during the debate. Of course most of the media didn't pick up on this. Why is that? I'll let you decide.

This quote comes from the article that I am encouraging you to read:

"Unfortunately, voters who are trying to get an accurate count on whether the candidates are telling the truth can’t rely on the media. mentions only one of these points, the size of the Iraqi surplus. The Washington Post mentioned Biden’s misstatement on Hamas and Katie’s restaurant. AOL’s coverage of the errors in the vice presidential debate was by far the worst, though that might not be too surprising given that Tommy Christopher, who wrote their news analysis, also blogs on the Obama Web site."