Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Heat Wave

We have been thoroughly enjoying the warmer temperatures as of Friday. Today it was 68 degrees! Tomorrow it's "only" supposed to be 62 but I'm still planning a trip to the park. I have the itch for spring but I know winter isn't over yet. Thankfully we have our Florida vacation to look forward to in March. There's nothing like leaving cold wintry weather for a hot Florida beach!


Kara said...

Spring is my favorite time of year! It is really nice here today, too!

Sarah Glupker said...

When you go to Florida, can we keep Owen in Michigan?? He'll never know what he's missing.

Anonymous Aunt

chris k said...

Won't Florida be great! We're going the first part of April. Where are you headed this year? Sarah...fyi...your picture and name are right above the Anonymous Aunt. Somehow, I think that Kelly might be onto you. :)