Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No Fun and No Sun

It was a beautiful day today, for everyone except Ben and I. We spent the day indoors with the flu. SO . . . we are going to try Sea World tomorrow and hope and pray that nobody else gets the flu. I am certainly anxious to get back to feeling normal and I hate to see Ben so miserable. Not to mention that it's no fun for Owen when Mama and Daddy are sick.


TwoMuths said...

I hope you were able to get some sleep! Feel better soon!

Pam said...

Oh Yuck! Being sick on vacation stinks. Pray you ALL are feeling good today and are enjoying the warm sun :)

TraceyLD said...

I'm so sorry you guys are sick and on vacation to boot. Praying it is the quick flu and you all are feeling better soon.
I hope you can at least take a nap in the sunshine.

Gina said...

How awful! The same thing happened to us when we were vacationing in Florida last year. Sure hope it doesn't spread to the rest of the family and that you can enjoy the rest of your time down there!

Trail Rated said...

I have an answer to the post previous to your previous post.
The answer is no - if you have been perfected in Christ. it is an indictment on our present condition.

FEEL BETTER, and Ben, dont burn!

Kelly Glupker said...

We are all feeling MUCH better today. My niece did get sick earlier but seems to be doing better.
Jack, Ben got sunblock for Christmas. So far, he has not burned this year!