Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Mother's Day isn't exactly "happy" for everyone. In 2003 I knew it was going to be my last Mother's Day with my Mom. She died a few weeks later. 2004 was my first Mother's Day without my mom (but it was also my first Mother's Day with my wonderful Mother-in-Law)! Mother's Day of 2006 was difficult because I was struggling with infertility and heard my doctor tell me that I may never have children. If your Mother is no longer alive, or you have a strained relationship with her, if you don't have children but desire them, or you have lost a child, today can be a very hard day. No words I say can take away the pain some of you experience on this day, but my thoughts are with those of you who are facing these battles!
I am thankful that God has placed many women in my life over the years who have "mothered" me and mentored me. I love those women who take the Biblical command seriously to teach the younger. I have certainly been blessed.
Mother's Day 2007 I was pregnant for the second time (the first baby I miscarried). Mother's Day 2008 I had a son! And Mother's Day 2009 I have another child on the way! I am thankful.
(If you click on the picture, it will enlarge).

We finally got someone to take a family picture (Michael) and this is how it turned out. Hahaha

Me and my kids (that sounds weird!)

It may be Mother's Day, but every day is a day to celebrate having a good daddy in the home!


Amanda Irene said...

your so deep sometimes I like that. I wish my mom were here like she was when I was a kid. I really missed out on that. But, I have sooo soo soo much to be thankful for! Happy mothers day to you too!

NOW you are a party of four! I can't believe I am a party of 5! That was shocking to me! Looking into a back seat full of kids will be fun!

Alicia said...

Lovely photos! You are an adorable and glowing preggo! Thank you too for always so verbally and consistently praising your hubby. That's a rebuke to me.