Sunday, June 07, 2009

Bumper Pads

I have heard all the hype about how dangerous bumper pads are, but we have had them in Owen's crib since day one. And he loves them! He snuggles up to them every night. He often squeezes his little head into the corner so that the pad surrounds his whole head (which is why he also gets sweaty when he sleeps). My 21 month old child is a little too big to be sleeping sideways in his bed, but he just can't bring himself to sleep the long way. I often find him sleeping with arms and legs hanging out the sides of the crib. He'll be moving to a big boy bed soon. I hope he can adjust to sleeping without his beloved bumper pads.


Kara said...

He is so sweet.
He'll do fine moving to a bed. My kids had no problems at all moving out of the crib. He will feel very special getting a "new" bed.

Kelly Glupker said...

Kara, did you struggle with getting your kids to still take naps once they moved into big beds? I've heard people say that once they can get out of bed they won't stay in.

Karen said...

Cute! Wow, he really looks enormous, sleeping sideways like that!

I've also chosen to ignore the no-bumper-pads warnings. It seems so silly: by the time babies are able to scoot over to the bumper pad, they can probably lift or turn their heads if necessary.

Good luck with the big boy bed; I'm sure he'll be so proud of himself! And you'll be sad.

Amanda Irene said...

Cribs and toddler beds are all the same; once kids figure out how to get out they will. Cribs pose an ouch/safety issue b/c the fall is so high.
I stood outside the door of my kids room and as soon as I heard their feet hit the floor I flung open the door and put them back into bed. After a week or so they stopped trying for fear I was lurking.
I put up a gate at their bedroom door so I knew that they were not running around at all hours of the night.
As sideways as he likes to sleep you might just consider going to a twin anyway. A railing for him will be a must for a twin. The toddler beds we have have small railings attatched I bet he would roll over it. : )
You can find railings at garage sales. I have a toddler bed if you want it.

Kara said...

Kelly, Rachel and Adam were done with naps as soon as they turned 3. Tommy is 4 and STILL takes naps. So no, the bed never affected the naps for us!

Sarah Glupker said...

Say "BYe-Bye" bumper pads. Can't wait to see owen hangin' out in the new BBB (BigBoyBed).

A. Sarah