Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Keeping Busy

I have no idea why blogger will not let me post pictures. I have been trying for several days now to post pictures of our family outing to Henry's Ark with no luck. So, I'll just write about it. Henry's Ark is a large privately owned family farm that has hundreds of animals. Many of these animals roam freely and visitors are allowed in without charge to pet the animals and feed them. They have cows, pigs, goats, porcupines, the world's largest rodent (I don't know how to spell it's name), camels, chickens, ducks, donkeys, dogs, cats, ostriches, well, you get the idea. The animals were a little too close for Owen's comfort - the donkey wouldn't leave his stroller alone. Owen loves the animals at the zoo, but then again, they are behind cages.
Today we visited a different ark, Noah's Ark, at Southeast Christian Church. It's a large indoor play room. The ark itself is like a jungle gym for the kids to climb on complete with slides to go down and tunnels to go through. They also have a section for the Wall of Jericho where children can build with play rocks and such. Another area allows kids to pretend to plant flowers as they stick things right into the platform. There is also a large assortment of clothes for kids to play dress up as they dress like different Bible characters. There is even a stage for them to play on. The activity that I thought looked the most fun was the gigantic doll house. It was life size for the kids to roam through equipped with a kitchen area, play food, dining room table and chairs and living area. It had a front door, front porch, cute little windows with shutters and even wallpaper hanging up on the inside. The house had an upstairs where you could find other rooms. How fun is that?!?
Tonight we went to a local water park at the YMCA. Water slides, sprinklers, fountains and other activities kept Owen busy with his little friend. He had a blast! I love to hear him squeal with excitement. It was the perfect day to go to a water park with temperatures in the nineties.
When it's not too hot or raining we have also been making frequent trips to our Zoo.
Owen still has a love for matchbox cars and music. One of his latest enjoyments, however, is listening to his Daddy tell stories. It amazes me how still he will sit and how focused he is when Ben is making up a story. He sure does have an imagination!
What are you doing to enjoy this great summer weather?


Anonymous said...

We are in Michigan and haven't had any greate summer weather yet!! :(

Alicia said...

My, you guys keep busy! I'm sure your little Owen has energy and to spare if he's anything like my little firecracker. :) That Noah's Ark place sounds AMAZING! How much did it cost? What a terrific ministry and outreach idea!

We've been having lots of rain this week but usually we do zoo trips, park and wading pool outings, and do general being-outside-gardening-stuff.

Kara said...


Kelly Glupker said...

Noah's Ark was free, but it's only for members of their church. I'm not a member but the lady I nanny for is so I can get in under her membership since I have her kids with me. The church has over 20,000members so they have lots of extras to offer!

You are right! You're prize? Bragging rights! Ben asked me why I didn't just look it up. I said, "I was being lazy." And he said, "Too lazy to google?!? That's pretty lazy." oh well. Thanks for doing the work for me. :)